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Monday, March 31, 2008

Explaining the 2nd Amendment to a liberal...

1st Amendment: Protects people from the government
2nd Amendment: Protects government from the people (huh?!?)
3rd Amendment: Protects people from the government
4th Amendment: Protects people from the government
5th Amendment: Protects people from the government
6th Amendment: Protects people from the government
7th Amendment: Protects people from the government
8th Amendment: Protects people from the government
9th Amendment: Protects people from the government
10th Amendment: Protects people from the government

Can a liberal find the one that isn't like the other, and explain? They get an extra point if they can do so without using the words "gun nut," "neocon," or "redneck."

Tuesday, March 18, 2008
h/t: Garrett at . . . a republic if you can keep it
Why Have a Gun?

First of all, let's get the cons out of the way:

  • Guns kill
  • An assailant can take it away from you and kill you with it
  • Children find them and kill
  • The owner/possessor of a gun, might "snap" and go on a rampage because a gun is available
  • and ???

That's enough for now. Let's calmly and quietly discuss these items. Rude, obnoxious and obscene comments (as determined by yours truly) will be deleted.

  1. Guns kill
    Yes, of course they do. That is one of their many design criteria. Let's look at a killer of a much larger number of humans than guns. Automobiles "kill" many more Americans than our infamous firearms. Is it the car, or is it the driver doing the killing? It's the DRIVER/OPERATOR, of course!

    What are we doing about it? Let's see, we test safety, rules and operation knowledge and license (tax) drivers, we safety test and register (tax) the vehicles and we punish those that are caught breaking the rules.

    Why don't we just ban vehicles "for the sake of the children?" Why don't we permit only those "professional" enough to drive to own/operate a vehicle? Why don't we have "automobile" control?

    You may say, or someone else will!, "But guns are Eee-viill! No, they are inanimate devices. They are neutral! The carelessness, incompetence and/or evil can only exist in the operator.
  2. An assailant can take it away from you and kill you with it!
    Yes, of course they can. Continuing the comparison with autos above, carjackings occur everyday. Has that stopped you from driving your vehicle? It hasn't stopped me, either!

  3. Children find them and kill
    Unfortunately, this too happens. Evidence shows that a) our MSM blows the incidents involving children out of proportion to the truth and in conjunction, they "fail" to tell us that most of the "children" involved in gun fire are over the age of 15! In fact, most of these are injured/killed during illegal activity.

    Everything I have read, studied and seen in the media suggests the real reasons children "find" guns in the first place is the idiocy, incompetence and/or carelessness of the adult responsible for the weapon. Children are curious. That's who they are! When our munchkins were too young to be trusted to be anything other than what they were, we child-proofed our house. In the same way, we dog-proofed our house when we got a new puppy.

    We did not used to have this magnitude of a problem with children and guns. What changed? Well, we're generally less exposed to them due to urbanization. Adults are less connected with their children than they used to be. Adults generally take less responsibility for the actions of their children and themselves than ever before. I think of it as the Devil/whatever made me do it syndrome.

  4. Updated 4/3/08 - Gene

    "The fatal gun accident rate has actually declined by 86 per cent since 1948, while the per capita firearms supply has resin by 158 perent. Fatal gun accidents involviong choldren have declined even more steeply, so that the odds of a child under 10 being killed by an accident in a swimming pool are about a hundred times greater than the risk of a child being killed in a gun-related accident."

    What Are The Anti's Thinking?
    David B. Kopel
    America's 1st Freedom, p 55, March 2008
  5. The owner/possessor of a gun, might "snap" and go on a rampage because a gun is available
    Well, gee whiz! A teenager may do that, but not a responsible adult.

    Let's look at the "wild west" of handgun licensing states - Texas. In Texas, the DPS is responsible for issuing CHLs. As of 12/31/07, they reported 288,909 licensees and 1,639 CHL instructors licensed by the state. According to recent reports, about 10% of our national population is currently incarcerated. Somehow, that percentage just doesn't ring true to me. But, if it is, then we should expect a similar percentage of licensees being suspended, or revoked. It just ain't so!

    The demographic report of licensing activity for 2007 is here. Between 9/1/06 and 8/31/07 they reported 90,867 applications processed of which they denied only 392 (0.43%).

    Out of the 288,909 total licensees, they suspended only 483 (%) and revoked 422 (%). That's only 0.31% of Texas concealed handgun licensees were deemed "questionable" for any reason, including paper work errors. On third of one percent of Texas' licensees were found to be some kind of a problem. What percentage of the drivers, for example, are "problematic"? It is a much greater number.

    Those of us that carry concealed handguns are not the problem!

    Is it the handler or the weapon that needs to be "regulated?" Think about it!

  6. and ???
    Someone will always object to another being free. That's just life. For a sampling of quotes, comments and whatever, you can go here. When we allow someone else's fears to control us, then it is time to change the way we do life.

    We have personally experienced this, fought it and won! We now go to a different church than before due to one person's fear of guns. The pastor, a long-time friend, bowed to her fears and gave us the "choice" of walking free in the Lord's grace or joining them under their bondage. Needless to say, we chose the Lord's freedom.

We'll do the pros later. I guess that's enough for now. Keep the comments CLEAN and polite! I do not insist you agree with me, just do not bind me to your bondage! :>)

Sunday, March 30, 2008

As a "mature" W.A.S.P. I have held my numerous opinions to myself over the years. Perhaps now is the time to express a few. To let "let the cat out of the bag" as they say!

First of all!

  • We do have the RIGHT to be offended. Now get over it. You will find offensive content here. It is not that I am trying to offend or use obscene language (not allowed!), it is just that you will not like every thing I have to say. Please remember, I have the same rights as you do. :>)
  • No one of us is more equal than any other. This is my blog and I will post my views. I am not responsible for your use, misuse or abuse of these views. You alone control your behavior just as I alone control my behavior. Own up to it! :>)

  • Sarcasm is employed heavily, here. Sometimes it is overtly identified by the faux-HTML tags such as [sarcasm] any smart alec comment [/sarcasm]. At other times, you may generally assume that sarcasm may be present.
  • Text in bold,
    and underlined GREEN is either an acronym or an
    abbreviation. Position your mouse over the colored text to display the meaning or comment.

That is all of the ground rules for now. I am sure I will think of more as time, and comments, go along. :>)


I anticipate commenting on:

  • Christianity,
  • The Church, its good points and its bad points
  • Issues facing The Episcopal Church of the US and its relationship, and lack thereof, with orthodox Christianity.
  • Firearms and firearms issues
  • Amateur Radio (Ham Radio)

Thank you for taking the time and effort to put up with me! God bless ya'll !

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