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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Calling His Bluff

With the very last Sunday service at Good Shepherd Episcopal, Tomball, Texas by Fathers Stan & Craig, I had hoped to leave the Episcopal organizations dust behind. But they wouldn't let things be.

Yesterday many of us received a form letter, under Wimberly's signature, notifying us of his plans for the remaining parishioners. For one thing, they will have two Sunday services. The Sunday announcement had been for one, down from the original three services normally scheduled. I'm glad to hear that they are planning for that many people.

The other item of note, to me, is what I believe is a bald-faced lie. Or maybe Wimberly will brush it off as a "mis-communication." At least two of three persons personally involved in this mess have told us, publicly, that Wimberly threatened Frs. Stan & Craig with inhibition and/or deposition if they didn't toe the TEo corporate line.

We (SWMBO! & I, her ever obediant servant!) were aghast when we read yesterday's letter from Wimberly. Here's the paragraph:
"I have been asked if I have taken any disciplinary action against Father Stan and Father Craig. I have not threatened to nor taken any disciplinary action at this time. Today is a time of renewal at Good Shepherd, a time to focus on what God is doing in our midst and an a time to plan for the future."
(Emphasis added - Gene)

Maybe Wimberly, or was it his minion?, promised, not threatened, disciplinary action if strict compliance with the pagan national leadership is not forthcoming.

Any way you look at, it looks like Wimberly is lying through his teeth. Slip that small lie into a page full of fact and perhaps even truth. Perhaps you can call this a "little white lie," but we are
receiving this from a bishop of a supposedly Christian organization. He is held to a higher standard than the rest of us.

Wimberly has told us, in person, that he is orthodox, Anglican, Windsor-supporting and conservative in his views. He has written the same over his signature. To this observer, he has
consistently put the lie to his words by his actions. He has voted to depose Godly bishops whose crime is seeking refuge from the atrocities of pagan leadership in the so-called Episcopal church. He is silent when asked about his vote on Bishops Cox and Schoffield.

My momma taught me that "Actions speak louder than words."

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