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Monday, April 07, 2008


Yesterday's sermon took courage. The kind of courage I have not seen very often in my life. Heck, I have not seen such courage in my life time. Agree or disagree with him, I admire him.

One of our pastors, a very Godly man, stood up and summarized the fiasco we call the TEC.

  • He clearly laid out the heresies of John Shelby Spong, James Pike and others who have collaborated to drown the organization (I can no longer call it a "church") in error and muddle-headed, socialistic "logic." He clearly expressed how their teachings stand against the text of the Bible and how the two-thousand years of Christian teaching confronted them.
  • He described how the TEC insists it is like a "big tent" capable of enfolding disparate views under one covering. He went on the describe the organization's inaction when faced with non-Christian teaching by its "leadership" and its firing of numerous pastors and several bishops in the last several years for the "crime" of teaching what Jesus said.
  • As he said, if the "big tent" has room for Spong, Pike and the like and it does not have room for John-David Schofield and Cox, then it does not have room for him.
  • Then, he "drew the line in the sand."

    For this Texican, this refers to the Alamo in 1836. William Travis, commander, drew a line in the dirt of the compound between himself and the remainder of the defenders. He asked that those willing to fight to the end against the tyranny of Santa Anna, the Mexican Emperor, to cross that line. All understood that to cross that line would sign their death warrant. Using Napoleonic warfare tactics, the besiegers utilized a rather chilling bugle call, El Deguello. El Deguello is a bugle call of Moorish origin notable in its use by the Mexican Army during the 1836 Battle of the Alamo. According to James A. Mitchener's book Texas, the original meaning of the Degüello call was an appeal to an enemy to surrender or else they would die by the sword (let's don't waste any expensive bullets on these guys!). General Antonio López de Santa Anna of the Mexican Army used it to signify that no quarter would be given to the Texicans. Almost all present crossed.

    At the Alamo, not all chose to cross that line. That is how we come to know of this story.
  • He advised us that this sermon was "possibly" his last as an Episcopalian priest, but not his last as an Anglican priest.

This last Sunday, those crossing the line with him indicated we are willing to leave the oppressive so-called "big tent." We will not bow down to the the "progressive Christianity" of the TEo. Much of the tactics of "progressive Christianity" sound, to me, like those of "Positive Christianity" about 80 years ago. Don't take my word for it, look it up.

What's next? A "closed door" meeting with his seemingly two-faced bishop (or did 815 "get" to him, too?) ? A message left on his answering machine? An email telling him to pack his things & get out? Or will it be we just find the locks changed and all staff and vestry fired when we go to church Wednesday night? We do not know.

Only time, and God!, will tell.

God Bless Ya'll !

PS: Oh, in case you don't know, I agree with his stand very much! :>)

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