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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Don't Let the Door Hit You in the B . . . . !

One of the Connecticut Six just got slammed by their supposedly loving bishop.

Connecticut Episcopal Diocese Appoints ‘Priest-In-Charge’ To Groton Church

The Jewish born evangelical Episcopal priest of Bishop Seabury Church, named for the First Bishop in America, has had his parish declared vacant even though he has not been inhibited and has the full support of his vestry and congregation to stay. (Emphasis added - Gene)

H/T: Titus 1:9

Doesn't it just put a burr under your saddle blanket when guests won't leave? My guess, is that the CT Episcopal Diocese's name is not on the church title. TEo keeps whining that it, and it alone, holds title "in trust" or some such bull . . . . for the congregations.

In some cases, the diocese built the church. In some cases, the church predates the diocese or even the national church. I honestly do not know which is the case here.

However, I'm betting that the diocese's name is not on the title. Otherwise, why would they be arguing over it? Eh?

Let's see now, the bishop fired the vestry after they left his jurisdiction. Then he installs a replacement priest to fill in for the priest in place. Makes a lotta sense to me! I do feel sorry for David Cannon+. He's between a real rock and a hard place.

This cat fight should be worth watching!

UPDATED: 4/16/08 9:35 AM
See this link for more current information. Note this sentence:
"The church was built in 1998 and paid for by parishioners, Gauss said. According to town records, the property is owned by Bishop Seabury Church Inc. The church was previously in what is now the Islamic Center of New London in the City of Groton. Parishioners had paid off debts from that building too, he said."

H/T: Episcopal Priest denied Access To church In Groton found on Titus 1:9.

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