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Monday, April 14, 2008

Firearms Training for Your Family

Steve Denney, a regular contributor at, has an excellent article on families and firearms safety. Please read it all.

I like this part:

Prepare them to be responsible adults, so they can make their own decisions when you aren't there to provide immediate guidance and support. You never know when or how your efforts will pay off. (emphasis added - Gene)

Our children are both grown and out of the house (Hallelujah!) and we may never know if their firearms lessons served them well. Hopefully, they never will need to find out.

To us, firearm knowledge is just part of emergency preparedness.

God Bless Ya'll !

1 comment:

Mike said...


I really enjoy your writing style, it speaks volumes. I told Father Craig that I have liked him since the day I met him, but when he stood in the pulpit on 4/6 and gave his "Line in the Sand" talk, my respect for him went off scale! I told him that I admire any man that has the courage of his convictions, whether I agree with him or not, which in this case I whole heartedly am on the same side of the line in the sand as he is. Also, during Communion, I could not lead my family to the side of the Altar that "Andy" was administering the Body in Christ's name. We waited until there was space on the opposite side of the altar. I am many things, but a hypocrite is not one of them! I could not accept Christ's gift of His Body and Blood from part of the gang that attacked our clergy.

See you at St. Timothy's ANGLICAN Church.

Mike DiBiasio

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