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Monday, April 14, 2008

Grace Under Fire - NOT!

According to The Living Church (read it all):
Inhibition Against Bishop MacBurney Lifted Temporarily
Posted on: April 14, 2008

The inhibition against the Rt. Rev. Edward H. MacBurney, retired Bishop of Quincy, has been temporarily lifted following an announcement on April 14 from the canon to the Presiding Bishop.
Working from memory, not notes, I believe Bp. MacBurney transferred himself to an Anglican province other than TEo. For that mortal sin he was inhibited. The notice of inhibition was delivered two days before his son's death in a hospice. His bishop begged Princess Moonbeam to delay the inhibition, allowing a decent time to grieve. She couldn't be bothered.

Now that she, or at least her handlers, realize the nature of the firestorm they started, they're trying to "make nice." It doesn't wash. She screwed up. She wanted the top job. She got it. Let me be abundantly clear - SHE ROYALLY SCREWED UP!

It's kinda like what Don Wimberly, TEo Bishop of Texas did last Sunday, 4/13. Earlier he attempted to bring two priests into line by threatening them with inhibition. They called his bluff. Fr. Craig Heenan, Asst. Rector of Good Shepherd, Tomball, Texas told us on 4/6 that he wasn't going to put up with the BS anymore. He was much nicer in his choice of words.

Now, on 4/13 Fr. Stan Gerber, Rector said the same thing. Again, Fr. Stan uses language I can only hope to master someday. In my opinion, he told TEo "Go to Hell!" in the nicest possible way. And he did with an official diocesan representative standing there!

I am so proud of those two!

Wimberly is now forced to at least temporarily support a parish of probably about 50 families. I know of less than 10 families, by name, that are staying. I know, some churches would be happy to have 50 families. We, Good Shepherd Tomball, normally had about 400 ASA in three Sunday services. Sunday the diocesan rep said there would be one service.

The departing congregation will meet at St. Timothy Anglican, a brand-spanking new church on Sunday 4/20. I expect about 70-90% of Good Shepherd to be at St. Timothy's. Some will leave Anglicanism, some will leave all forms of the Church. MOST will be in a pew somewhere else next Sunday.

I could be very wrong on my prognosis. I'll let you know.

H/T: Stand Firm

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