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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"Smart" Guns?

A big ol' Hat Tip to Keep and Bear Arms: 'Smart Gun' Still Hasn't Hit the Mark

"Five years ago, New Jersey became the first state to limit the sale of handguns to weapons equipped with technology that prevents all but the gun's owner from firing a shot.

The controversial law, aimed at reducing the number of children killed by handguns through accidents, suicide or acts of violence, had one very big caveat: It would not go into effect until the state was convinced these futuristic "smart guns" actually work."


"NJIT officials say their gun works 99 percent of the time." (Emphasis added - Gene)

Think about this scenario:

Five more years from now, the NJ legislature decides that the technology has had enough time to mature. Your personal defense weapon is, by law, a "smart" gun. An assailant approaches you with his pre-"smart gun" weapon (despite there being federal laws against felons in possession of a weapon and state laws against theft. They do not apply to him/her until his/her activities are "terminated" - apprehended and incarcerated or killed.) and demands "Your money or your life."

How lucky do you feel today? Eh?

Oh, and remember that the police forces, responding to the resultant mess, are, and will be!, exempt from using the new technology fostered off on the citizenry. Why should they use technology that may put their life at risk? Why should we?

"It's for your own good!"

"If it saves just one life!"

Who'll save your life?

Once again, I do not have a beef with the faithful officers on our police forces. As much as they try, they can not be everywhere at all times.

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