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Monday, April 28, 2008

Juval Aviv: A man that must be heard ...

And now, this "good" news from Prayers That Matter:

"The key to this video is to hear him say that America, unlike Israel, has not prepared its citizens for the coming terror attack. Not even a little bit. That means you and I are not prepared - not even in the smallest ways." (Emphasis added - Gene)
[Sarcasm ON] Isn't that good news?! [Sarcasm OFF]

The survivalist types may not be quite as paranoid as most of us think they are.

How are you doing with your so-called "hoarding?" You know, that extra package of flour for your next meal or that extra case of soft drinks? hehe Can you go 24 hours without electricity? How about that?

I'm not talking about TEOTWAWKI or SHTF ! I'm actually remembering sitting in our sweltering apartment for three days following Hurricane Rita (you know, the one that hit Texas the week after Katrina hit Louisiana!). Stored water, food (including MREs !) and friends helped us through that.

Maybe you've been snowed in, or flooded in or out. We've experienced a bit of both of the flooding incidents.

This week, Nevada was warned to expect more of the earthquakes that are occurring. Hmmmmm?! Last week, the news caried stories about "hoarding" of rice on the West coast. Hmmmmm?!

If you could not leave your residence for 3 days, how hungry and thirsty would you be at the end? How full would your commode be? What would you use for lighting? Heating food? Staying warm in cold weather?

Start thinking about your emergency preparedness today. Start acting on your thinking today.

Stay safe and God Bless Ya'll !

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