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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Obama's 'Red Flag' Problem

World Net Daily is reporting another Barack Hussein Obama-Communism link today. Is it get-Obama day, today? I mean, your poor, unworthy commentator has had to remark on two Obama issues in one day! Oh, the horror!

How many volunteers (in Houston and elsewhere) and staffers and pastors and . . . does he have to disown before the rest of us take note. He has surrounded himself with the elite, and too-clever-for-their-own-good, leftist/socialist/communist cadre that would make Karl Marx and Frederick Engels proud.

In case you're thinking: "Oh he's just bashing Big O 'cause he's black." Don't even go there. Hillary has the exact same-but-different problems that make her candidacy stink just as bad. Her day in the spotlight is coming. I do not care if Hil is a woman. She was Billy's right-hand. She's a Democrat. Today, being a Democrat means she is a hard-core socialist of the first stripe. Just like Obama.

In the "old" days, before my time, being a Democrat or a "Liberal" wasn't such a bad thing. Liberalism stood for open-mindedness. Now it stands for "Your mind was so open it fell out!" Back then, being a Democrat was supposed to stand for the people. I'm not really sure it ever did, but now it stands for the "worker." Feel free to use the same definition as the Communist Manifesto writers used.

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