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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Such A Problem to Have!

Greg Griffith at Stand Firm in Faith has a good post, All is Well™: Good Shepherd (DioTX) Splits, (with comments) based on the article published in the Houston Chronicle (registration/login required for archive access) yesterday concerning our departure from Good Shepherd Episcopal, Tomball, Texas.

Recap: A large portion of the congregation, with the rector and assistant rector, have left to form St. Timothy's Anglican Church, Tomball, Texas.

When I was last at Stand Firm, it had been updated by those "in the know" before I could even get my $ 0.03 in. How dare they! That's my "job!" :>)

Here's my 2-1/2 cents worth:

Linda Flavin, mentioned in the Chronicle article, had her husband with her for the first time in "several" years. She told me, Wednesday night, that he quit attending church altogether because of the national leadership. I didn't get to meet the gentleman this morning, though. When I did get to talk to Linda after the service, he was off somewhere helping clear the school cafeteria! I think he may stay around for a bit this time. Whad' ya' think? eh? I still want to meet that man.

Then there was the case of the other lady. After Wednesday's final service (for us) at Good Shepherd, we were all standing around hugging, saying goodbyes, cheering each other on and so on. There was a woman sitting on the front pew that I didn't recognize. I introduced myself expecting her to tell me that this was at least the sixth time we've met. I do tend to forget names and events on occasion. It's not Alzheimers, I've recognized the problem since at least my college days all these long decades ago. Or, I thought, maybe she was with one of the two churches that sent people to encourage us that night.

Anyway, this lady was at Good Shepherd that night because of all the hulla-baloo she had heard about. She was/is a member but had quit going when caring for a family member became a burden. The situation in the national church didn't set well with her, either. She was among the 555 at St. Timothy's this morning. Big grin!


A funny thing happened last week. Fr. Stan (or was it Fr. Craig?) told us this morning that they had bought 350 chairs last week, hoping that might be a bit of over-kill for the first service. As it was, our poor, mistreated, starved to the point of . . . (Never mind. You Really don't want to know!) youth were asked to give up their chairs to let us ol' . . . ahem! So-n-so's have 'em.

Five hundred, fifty-five in attendance for our first Sunday service! Wow! As BillK said in his post at Stand Firm, the group from HopePoint A.M.i.A. left to go to their own service before the nose count was held. I got the 555 number straight from the usher's mouth. I'll bet BillK had to wait and get it from Fr. Stan's announcement.


OK, OK. We're in the pictures in the Houston Chronicle (registration/login required for archive access) article. SWMBO! can be seen in profile while someone is greeting Fr. Stan. Click on the NEXT link to bring up the next pic. Your's truly is the shiny spot at the altar rail. As soon as we arrived at church/school this morning, EVERYBODY commented on just how good our pictures were! hehe Almost everyone commented that my photo was just the best they'd ever seen done of me. ;>)

I just went back and blew-up the Chronicle image. I think that is my hand shaking Fr. Stan in SWMBO!'s photo. Just how did I manipulate that poor Chronicle photographer to get me into both photos? I'll never tell.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

They finally archived the Chronicles photos that "supposed" show you. My, the whole ego thing ... :-)... jim

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