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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Violence Continues in Chicago

H/T: Office . com

I've been thinking about this. I first heard/read about last week. For years, Chicago has "disarmed" its subjects. How come they're still killing each other? Where's the cry for knife control such as in Great Britain? Can't they see? If nobody had knives, nobody would be killed. BS!

It's not because they're importing knives from out-of-state. It's because people are killing people. The knives, firearms, "machine guns" that aren't fully automatic (that's part of the definition of a machine gun) and such used to murder Chicago's subjects are not the problem. Murder is already illegal up there. Most firearms are already illegal up there. What's left? Knife control.

People kill people. Guns save lives.

Be safe and God Bless Ya'll !

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