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Saturday, May 31, 2008

McCauliffe writes, at the end of an article initiated by a movie:

Liberals often resort to emotion to win a point, vis a vis gun control (with 'facts' that are skewed or outright lies). We must counter with a balance of emotion and reason, with facts that are imbued with both. That is an unbeatable combination that will ensure a renewal of our Republic and at the core, our humanity. Without humanity how could we have a Constitutional Republic?
Yep, that they do. "Liberals often resort to emotion to win a point . . . " Change the subject, the playing rules, change the "level" playing field to their advantge and my disadvantage. Had it happen many times.

Of course, liberals are not the only ones who re-write the rules to suit themselves. Sometimes they call themselves progressives, moderates, independents, even middle-of-the-road conservatives. ;>) I'll call them what they act like: Elitist, arrogant, socialist, . . .

Our three "front" runners for the presidency come to mind.

Clinton to Montana: No national handgun registry - Yet!

H/T: Keep and Bear Arms

How do you know if she's lying?

Her lips are moving!

Now read this and determine for yourself if we can tolerate four, or eight, more years of a out-and-out lying socialist. She started out as a socialist and hasn't repented of her wicked ways yet.

HELENA - Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Hillary Clinton told Montana reporters Friday that she does not favor national handgun registration and licensing, even as she supports such measures in her adopted state of New York.

“What I came out for was the New York law,” Clinton said in a noon conference call with Montana press Friday. “I don’t think there is any contradiction between defending Second Amendment rights and trying to keep guns out of the hands of” criminals and the mentally ill.

In 2000, as she was beginning her campaign for senator from New York, Clinton came out as first lady in favor licensing and registering all new handguns sold in the United States. She also supported a bill then that would create a registry of all guns sold in the United States, along with requiring buyers to get a license and undergo a background check.

Clinton said Friday that guns are “reaping all kinds of damage” in some parts of the country and governments there ought to be able to license and register handguns if it makes streets safer.

The Clinton campaign convened the conference to unveil Clinton’s “Solutions for a Stronger Montana” program. The plan includes Clinton’s ideas for health care, plans to recruit new health care workers and a plan to eliminate the controversial No Child Left Behind law, among other initiatives.

She " . . . told Montana reporters Friday that she does not favor national handgun registration and licensing . . . " That's not what the rest of us have been told!

At least someone at the Missoulian tries to tell the truth. Buried in the middle of the article is this note: " . . . Clinton came out as first lady in favor licensing and registering all new handguns sold in the United States." So now she's ag'in it? Oh, she meant it just for those evil New Yorkers she serves rules over whenever she bothers to return to her "home."

Can you say: Suck up to the proletariat?

Then she had the gall to claim ' . . . guns are “reaping all kinds of damage” in some parts of the country . . . ' Hmmmm? Montana probably has more firearms used annually than NY City has illegal firearms. Which one needs "gun control, " I mean people control? She has no way to address people control so she goes after the most convenient culprit - an inanimate tool to protect one's life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Which side of liberty is she on?

The rest of that grand sentence reads: " . . . and governments there ought to be able to license and register handguns if it makes streets safer." How's that working for NYC, Wash DC, Philadelphia, . . . , li'l darling?

Gun control does not work. In fact, most prohibitions don't work. Didn't we learn any thing from the Volstead Act debacle of 1929-1933?

She apparently still believes she has the "corner" on health care issues. Yep. It's not as good as it could be here. Nope, we don't want to go the way of Cuba, Russia, the UK or Canada. Their health care systems are worse than ours - from the patients point of view.

Class in Embalming

Billy Ockham strikes again with this article:

The children of God having left . . .

The lights are ON, but there ain't nobody home!

Yes, yes! I know there are Godly Christians still occupying some pews in TEo, BUT I believe they are deluded, deceived or in denial of the truth.

For a denomination that prides itself on dialog, the Episcopal Church resorts to scorched earth tactics in lieu of negotiation entirely too much. Our leadership not only can no longer use the language of Christianity, it can not act Christ-like either.
I wish like heck that those who have no direct interest in the building (I am looking at you Presiding Bishop Jefferts Schori) would keep their big fat flapping mouths shut and mind their own business.
Ah . . . The wonderful smell of scorched earth in the morning! It must warm 815's heart, if they can find one, to be able to possess all those empty buildings.

Just think! Now they can overtly control the vestries with out having to suborn them first!

I hear it now: My Precious! My Presssh-shus!

No, 815 probably does not know of J.R.R. Tolkien and his Lord of the Rings trilogy. After all, it was written by a Christian.

Atheism, stabbings and the uselessness of 'centre-left' politics

Billy Ockham's blog carried a very thoughtful piece about "control" of weapons.

Peter Hitchens, for the Mail Online, wrote:
A person properly schooled in right and wrong is safe with any weapon. A person with no idea of good and evil is unsafe with a knitting needle, or the cap from a ballpoint pen.
By George, I think he's got it RIGHT! ;>)

The Wind at Mt. Carmel

I'm with Xavier on this one.

I haven't been to Mt. Carmel. I do remember my anger at the Feds, Fibbies, etc. when they destroyed the people.

We know our government lied, destroyed and covered up to protect themselves - from the grunt on the ground outside of Waco to the Justice Department of William Jefferson Clinton.

Please remember, the murderers of Vicki Weaver, Nichole Simpson Brown, David Koresh and his followers are all still walking free and unpunished.


Bill Steigerwald at Front Page Magazine interviewed Victor Davis Hanson, one of my favorite writers of history and commentary.

Just this last week I was able to share this same point with my future daughter-in-law-to-be as we "solved" all of the world's problems at the kitchen table. I think I've had this discussion with our own daughter earlier.

Anyway, future daughter-in-law-to-be did not remember any of the facts of military history until they were forcibly reminded. Now I'm no historian of any kind. It's just a casual hobby in my latter years.

She is not stupid. She is bright and intelligent. I'm glad she's going to join the Aggie clan soon. However, in this area of history, she is ignorant.

Try this "re-constructed" conversation on for size:

Future Daughter-in-law (FD): "But we've lost SO
in this war!"

Aggie (Ag): Oh? How many did we lose on June 6th, 1944?

FD: "Huh?!
Oh. World War II? D-Day??? I don't know, but we lost a lot."

Ag: "Yep. I recently read about 2,500." (I don't expect that was the right number, but that is the number IIRC.)

"How about at Gettysburg?"

FD: "Uhhh. The Civil War??"

Ag: "Yep. How about 30,000 in ONE DAY!"

Just imagine, nowdays, our military sending out THIRTY THOUSAND "We regret to inform you of . . . " letters for one day's action. Politicians would scream, wail and weep. Not for the dead but for their own jobs. Perhaps their own lives.

We had enough trouble dealing with the loss of almost 3,000 in one day on September 11th, 2001. Do WE have the guts to deal with true national tragedy? Politically, we've blamed Bush and crew, and every one else except the perpetrators for that act of mass murder.

Then, I read Hanson's comment at Front Page:

" . . . in six years we’ve lost about the same amount of soldiers we lost in two or three days in a major campaign in World War II. During an eight-year period of the Clinton administration, when the military was two or three times larger and not nearly as adept in its training, I think we lost almost twice as many as we’ve lost in Iraq in peacetime accidents. I think in the eight years of the Clinton administration we lost over 7,000 dead in accidents. So if you look at the rate of casualties this month, for example, we’re averaging about less than one a day. It was always pretty much a standard figure that we would lose three soldiers a day in the military in the 1980s and 1990s – it was well over a thousand a year. It’s not happening in the military in general and it’s not happening in Iraq. It doesn’t mean it’s not tragic we are losing people, but given the stakes, I’m always amazed at how well the military does.


Cycle of Abuse: The FLDS Raid

I'm very late snarking on this from American Thinker. It is still relevant, INMNSHO.

In this country, we should not destroy families because the majority of us believe that a particular community of other families is bad.[vii] Legal proceedings require individual proof, in every case, to protect the child as well as the family from overreaching governments and mass hysteria.

As of my last information, the "protective" service is dug in, delaying and attempting to severely restrict the release of the children to their parents. Typical of bureaucratic morons who "know best" better than we people.

Revolt of the pastors

Jill Stanek, a commentator at World Net Daily, reminds of the infringement of our First Amendment by our own government. In this case, it is in the form of the Infernal Revenue Service.

Consider the history of this subject, the moral condition of this country before Johnson and the IRS came up with this bad idea and our current condition. Might there be a corollary?

Preparation, Not “Fear”

H/T: Keep and Bear Arms

Bill Taggert at VCDL has some good ideas for us to consider.


If we own a car or a house, we all have it. It's Required. State law, mortgage company regulations, common sense, whatever. It's smart.

Many of us have fire extinguishers, spare tires, tire tools, etc. in our vehicles - or we should. And we know it.

Stuff happens. Be prepared.

Now, what's wrong with keeping a firearm handy for that kind of stuff that may happen in the middle of then night? Or the middle of the line for the check-out clerk at the grocery store?

Be safe ya'll. God Bless Ya'll !

Friday, May 30, 2008


Mike Vanderboegh has experienced a "premonition." Frankly I hope he got it wrong. What do you think?

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Why Democrats are appeasers

Craig McMillan in a World Net Daily commentary nails it, as far as I'm concerned.

Lieberman's complaint is that in the last few generations the Democrat and Republican parties have undergone a brain swap on the foreign policy operating table."


Since the 1960s, the Democratic Party has embraced appeasement and its kissing cousin non-judgmentalism as the highest form of political expression. These are colossal errors that no educated person would ever make. (Why do you think the term "judgment" has so often been preceded by "good" or "bad" since at least the mid-11th century?)


The appeasement within the Democratic Party began long before the appeasement now on display, as personified by the likes of Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid. It began at the height of the Vietnam War, when college students marched on the administration buildings and occupied them to protest the war.

Limbless 12-year-old: ‘I know anything’s possible’

H/T: World Net Daily

Here's a kid that makes you ask your self: "Now just why was I complaining about high gas prices (or whatetver!)?

"He won on merit, the same way he does everything else in life."

I don't think it would be a good idea to get in his way! You'll get run over! :>)

Read it and smile!

God Bless Ya'll !

Newt Gingrich: Deeply Worried

A long time friend, BobL, sent this in via email. Thanks!

Run Time: 5:24
Posted to YouTube 12/6/07

Ol' boy Newt is a lot of things. Straight-shooter is certainly one of them.

Obama admits reference to Auschwitz was wrong

H/T: ??? I lost my note on where I found this. :<(

Anyway, BHO evidently writes his own speeches. He certainly needs to get a new speech-writer.

Yep, I make these kinda mistakes all the time. I stick my left hind foot into my mouth every hour or so. I don't do it when I make a presentation. PERIOD.

"Democrat Barack Obama admitted on Tuesday he was wrong to say his uncle helped liberate the Nazis' Auschwitz concentration camp after Republicans said Soviet troops freed the camp."
Nope, "uncle" couldn't 've done it! Unless he was fighting for the Commies, like his "nephew."

More bias, INMNSHO, begins to appear in this statement - " . . . Republicans said Soviet troops freed the camp." The author suggests that the Republicans may not know their history either. Only at the end of the article is the historical fact of the Red Army's "liberation" of Auschwitz declared.

To many of us, it's a small thing. To too many of us, it's another nail in the coffin of America if we allow BHO to become our president. None of the major candidates are healthy for our republic!

Evil Exists

H/T: Lone Star Times, 5/28/08

I LIKE Cal Thomas. Matt Bramanti, too! ;>)

Thanks Matt!

Evil exists by Matt Bramanti 05/28/2008 9:47 am

Cal Thomas nails it:

Mr. Obama thinks he can negotiate with evil and transform evil into something else. Initially his foreign policy platform was a naive pledge to meet “unconditionally” with the leaders of Iran, North Korea, Syria, Cuba and other nations dominated by dictators. In recent days he has changed his tune somewhat. He would still meet with the heads of these mini evil empires without preconditions, but “there must be careful preparation. We will set a clear agenda.”

This leads to an important question: On what basis does a free nation negotiate with nations that are not free? Does Mr. Obama expect leaders who got where they are by undemocratic, even violent, means to embrace press freedom, religious liberty, political pluralism and rights for women? What would evil leaders demand of him? Any concession given to dictators, who are not known for keeping their promises, would surely result in the United States being taken less seriously and contribute to undermining our national security.

Mr. Obama’s “strategy” for dealing with evil is the progeny of a secular age that sees everything bad as curable through counseling, good intentions masquerading as wishful thinking and/or pharmaceutical intervention.

Come to think of it, didn’t Osama, Saddam, Nasrallah, Ahmanijedad and Kim Jong-Il all grow up in homes covered with lead paint?


I couldn't have said it any better! - Gene the Aggie

We are not engaged in conflict with honest opponents

Greg Griffith at Stand Firm published this thoughtful piece on 5/26/08. I'm just a li'l late sharing it:

"But whatever you do or don't do, you must come to terms with the fact that you are not engaged in conflict with honest opponents. Worthy Opponents, yes, because as we've always defined the term, it means opponents who are skilled at achieving their goals. It does not speak to their trustworthiness or their honesty.

You are, rather, engaged in a conflict with liars - people who cannot be trusted, and who have proved that they cannot be trusted over and over again. Yes, there is Sarah Dylan Breuer, and Scott Gunn, and a few others on the other side of the debate I believe are genuinely honest and trustworthy, but they are the exceptions. As a whole, and certainly throughout the top of the leadership, they are liars, beginning with Katharine Jefferts Schori and David Booth Beers, and moving downward and outward to Jon Bruno, to Susan Russell and most of the leadership of Integrity, and on and on."
"It is not, as Dan writes, the "perception" of dishonesty that's the problem. It is the fact of dishonesty, and the willingness of those in the national TEC leadership to engage in it so openly, so frequently, and so brazenly."
Ah, that good ol' bugger-bear "perception." For all too many, "perception" is reality. If your perceptions are wrong, so follows your reality, decisions, life-style choices and so on. When we "perceive" our opponents as just like us, and they really aren't, then we're in deep asparagus!

"We are in the midst of a battle that is in no small part about incoherence: How can it be, we ask our opponents, that the Bible says this about homosexuality, but you insist it means that? How can it be, we ask them, that the Bible says this about the uniqueness of Christ, yet you insist it allows for an interpretation like that? How can it be, we ask them, that the Bible says the crucifixion and resurrection took place for the purpose of this, yet you insist something entirely different and contradictory?

If we are to have any hope at all of emerging from this crisis with anything remotely resembling a victory, it will be, in part, because we have identified, disassembled, and removed this kind of incoherence from the church and its leaders. But we are piling our own incoherence on top of our opponents' incoherence, when we continue to labor under the illusion that they are honest brokers. Worthy opponents, yes; but let go - Dan and everyone else - of any illusion that they are honest."

And then the comments began!

#1 Commentator mousestalker:

"The Episcopal Church: Where vox populi is always received as vox Dei"

#5 Commentator robroy:

"Well, Greg, I expect that Babyblue may weigh in with her famous HHHB principle: the Hammerstein Hierarchy of Human Behavior. Perhaps you’ll all recall it. As I remember it, it says that when things go wrong, 50% of the time it’s due to sheer laziness, 25% of the time to sheer stupidity, and only 15% of the time to outright malice and intentional evil. And the remaining 10% of the time it’s due to misguided altruism gone awry." - New Reformation Advocate

Your First Response Team

H/T: Keep and Bear Arms

Greg Perry has a good, thoughtful, point of view over at Lew Rockwell.

Tom my way of thinking, he makes a lot of sense. The "little lady" needs to carry her own weight in home defense. YOURS may not want to or even be able to due to mental, emotional, political or physical disabilities. Some of that can be "cured." :>)

Greg also deals with the possible/probable outcome of the presidential election and its application to our future:

"Best of all, the liberals despise the rifle because it looks so mean. Try to get a bayonet for your AK because it really makes them furious."
And then, back to SWMBO!

"See, she is part of your problem or she’s part of your solution. She can be your First-Response Team. So can your children if you have them."

Let's not forget the "children"!

"Do you have children? How well can they wield a rifle if the time ever comes? Don’t want them to be in that position? Nobody does. Unfortunately good guys rarely get to pick the time and place for a gunfight. You can either set the odds up they will survive and help you survive or you can keep the current odds that they will be a burden in such a situation. The odds are stacked against you anytime you must respond to an attack. Do you want to stack the odds against you even further by making your children a liability?"


"In the 1990s, Clinton's Surgeon General Jocelyn Elders said we should never give children toy guns. I tend to agree with that. Make sure you give your kids real guns and make sure everyone in your family can shoot."

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Monday, May 26, 2008

Episcopal Church elects Texas bishop

H/T: TitusOneNine

Another Episcopal diocese goes to the revisionists and re-asserters. We keep our brothers and sisters in the TEo, and especially in the Good Shepherd, Tomball parish, in our prayers.

They had Doyle from 4/20 to present to whenever he "ascends." For their sake, I hope he "ascends" soon. He is not healthy for a parish.

Conforming to the spirit of the age?

H/T: TitusOneNine

Steve Banner at the Fort Worth (Tx) Star Telegram has the right view of it, INMNSHO.
"The American church has de-emphasized the role of Jesus as the Savior who offers the faithful the only path to salvation and eternal life, relegating him instead to the role of a bit player who is but one of the means employed by God . . . "
"Rather than addressing the theological issues that threaten to divide the church, the denomination has tried to maintain order through intimidation: filing lawsuits against parishes that would seek realignment; attempting to depose bishops who hold to the traditional views of the church; and issuing a series of strongly worded letters from Schori to bishops across the country."
That's a smack-down!

What’s Your Blog’s Reading level?

Found this over at TitusOneNine:

I'm personally shocked, Ah say SHOCKED!, at their rating for this site. Surely their system must be broken. hehe ;>) (Scroll ALL the way down to the bottom of the screen.)

Church to debate convert motion

H/T: World Net Daily

Instead of coming down on their own heretics and apostates, it seems like the majority of the CofE's bishops want to squelch the followers of Christ. You know, the crazy ones. The ones that actually believe He meant what He said.

" . . . come under intense pressure from bishops to withdraw his plan."


Since when did Christians have any other choice?

Friday, May 23, 2008

How crypto-Marxism won the Cold War

James Lewis at American Thinker, has a pretty interesting take on our current political fiasco. At least on the "Democratic" side. Read and see what you think!

"Today, for the first time in American history we have two --- count 'em, two --- hard-core Leftists running for the Democrat Party nomination."

Setting a "LEO" Straight


L. Neil Smith, quoted at Western Rifle Shooters, hits just about every one of my "hot" spots with this one:

The Second Amendment was written specifically to ensure that the people would always possess the physical means to intimidate the government, to keep it in line, or, failing that, to overthrow it at need and, as Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence, "provide new guards for their future security".


The "criminal element of our society" we should worry about are elected and appointed officials who've decided that either the Founding Fathers didn't really mean what they said, that it somehow doesn't apply today (interestingly, even the Left hasn't made that claim much over the past seven years of the Bush Administration), or that we're all too stupid to read some kind of secret code they wrote into the law, empowering tyrants to take our rights away whenever they "feel the need".


This is the age of Waco, of Ruby Ridge, of the Texas FLDS child kidnappings. It's an age in which a United States Senator, Thomas Dodd, can get the Library of Congress to translate Nazi gun laws -- written to satisfy Hitler the way the Bill of Rights was written to satisfy Jeffersom -- so he could turn them into the Gun Control Act of 1968.It's the age of secret detention centers -- concentration camps -- the seizure of private weapons as part of "helping" disaster victims, and the imposition of a North American Union that would circumvent and destroy the Bill of Rights, erase the borders between this country and Mexico and Canada, and force Americans to use "Ameros" for money instead of dollars.

My CCW Gun Requirements

Good ol' Xavier strikes again with his CCW gun requirements.

Read it all!
"Firing the first accurate shot increases your survival rate immeasurably."

Mental comfort food

If you haven't figued it out yet, I becoming a fan of Dr. Mabus outa Ottawa, Ont., Canada. She seems to shoot pretty straight. Speaking of a out-of-control Canadian agency she has this to say:

It's not one of the grand, emotional speeches about hope in the darkness and faith in the final victory of good. No, it was a plain, tactical comment:

"In which no doubt you will see our good fortune and our hope. For imagining war he has let loose war, believing that he has no time to waste; for he that strikes the first blow, if he strikes it hard enough, may need to strike no more. So the forces that he has long been preparing he is now setting in motion, sooner than he intended. Wise fool. For if he had used all his power to guard Mordor, so that none could enter, and bent all his guile to the hunting of the Ring, then indeed hope would have faded: neither Ring nor bearer could long have eluded him."

Seems like we have churches and agencies that fit this quote, too.

Episcopal Puppet

Dr. Mabuse at Kraal Space found this "just for me"! My only regret is that *I* didn't draw and publicize it. hehe

"Every time I look at it, it reminds me of Mrs. Schori. I just visualize a
little black oven mitt on that puppet's head."

Emma Update

Dr. Mabuse has an unenviable situation in her home and seems to be dealing with it as well as any of us could.

Among other things, she has to do with a full-blown case of Hilliary(Obama)-Care as expressed by our northern neighbors and their socialist elite. Keep her and her family in your prayers, please.

I dream about getting rich, I'm sure many people do. But I never think, "If I had lots of money, I could buy a giant plasma TV and have a computer in every room of the house, and take vacations on a private island in the Caribbean." All I think is, "I'd get my kids the hell out of this dingy backwater, and down the U.S. where they have a decent medical system, and you don't die waiting for a doctor to look at a lump in your breast."

Stay far, far away from national/socialized health care. We may not have the "best" situation here but it is far better than anywhere else in the world!

Building a church that is half-slave, half-free

H/T: Stand Firm

I think Dr. Mabuse has nailed this issue:
The sterile evil that now controls the Episcopal Church will never willingly allow Christian belief to remain unmolested. Conservatives who think that they can negotiate some sort of truce, or even a ghetto existence within the larger, demon-possessed church, are deluding themselves. As C.S. Lewis wrote, the sort of "agreement" these people come up with consists of saying "Oh, you can believe what you want, as long as you do it alone," and then they mutter under their breath, "and we'll see to it that you're NEVER alone." It's in their nature to try to eradicate every voice that answers their lies with the truth, because they rightly sense that it is the only way that they can survive. Anglicanism has staked its entire 400-year existence on a dice game, and a bet that they CAN serve God and Mammon, they CAN build a church that is half-slave and half-free, and a house divided against itself CAN stand.
Conservatives should not be putting themselves up as half of the stake.

What DC Means by "Home Rule"

H/T: War On Guns

Personal Note: I'm kinda in a bind for time today so comments and snarks will be short, not too "sweet" and perhaps missing in action. God Bless Ya'll !

I put in my $ 0.03 worth back on 5/10 in D.C. Officers to Get Rifles by Summer. There I had primarily technical issues with the article as presented and logical issues with the facts.

Now we have this:
"It's primarily the appearance, the appearance of a police force that has much greater firepower . . . "

"Greater firepower" than the citizens their supposed to protect control.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Texas seizure of polygamist-sect kids thrown out

H/T: TitusOneNine

FINALLY! A Texas state appeals judge has ruled:

" . . . the state had no right to take more than 400 children from a polygamist sect's ranch, a ruling that could unravel one of the biggest child-custody cases in U.S. history."

"The state never provided evidence that the children were in any immediate danger, the only grounds in Texas law for taking children from their parents without court approval"
"Every child at the Yearning For Zion Ranch in Eldorado was taken into state custody more than six weeks ago, after Child Protective Services officials argued . . . "
"scattered them across foster facilities all over the sprawling state, with some siblings separated by as much as 600 miles."
IF this ruling is sustained, heads need to roll at the Texas Childrens Protective (so-called) Serices. The have messed with this multitude of families without cause. As you may already know, I have no love for the teachings of the FLDS. I believe they must obey the laws of the state just like you and I. However, the state must never be allowed this kind of out-and-out oppression. Can you say pogrom?

What Obama's Supreme Court would look like

Jane Chastain's commentary is pretty straight forward. BHO's likely picks will be no friends of America much less her liberty.

What does Obama know about Chappaquiddick?

BHO, INMNSHO, has played fast and loose with much of the thruth. Now, Jack Cashill reminds of the friends he has chosen.

The killers of Nicole Simpson Brown (1959 - 1994), Vicki Weaver (died 1992) and Mary Jo Kopechne (1940 - 1969) are still wandering around - free.

4 Robbed, Then Fired for Following Instructions

What was Eric Northon of Ace Cash Express thinking! Oh, RIGHT, it wasn't his ear the gun was stuck in!

"We believe when everybody follows the procedures it protects everyone," Ace spokesman Eric Norrington told the station. "When you fail to do so, it puts everyone at risk."

Hmmmnnnnn? Let me think. The "procedure violation" that'll get me fired or the gun at my head? "Hey, Mr. Robber, can I have a couple of more minutes to consider my options, pretty please?"

Yeah, right.

Along with "zero tolerance" (a great concept in manufacturing and an extremely poor concept for much else) this'll get you killed. It's kinda hard to collect a paycheck once you're dead or disabled.

Be safe ya'll and God Bless Ya'll !

Forget free gasoline! Car buyers want free guns

I'm thankful SWMBO! brought this to my attention first thing this morning. I really needed the laugh and encouragement. I like this dealer! He's part of the solution.

The Journalist's Guide to Gun Violence Coverage

H/T: Keep and Bear Arms

A very nice piece of satire from Dr. Michael Brown can be found at The Price of Liberty. Read it all and enjoy. Then consider that last so-called "news" story/movie/soap opera/series/whatever you read or saw.

Ever wonder why "journalists" claim they don't have personal agendas? It's probably because they think the rest of us might disaprove!

Kinda makes ya' wonder what they're feedin' us mushrooms. Eh?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mere Christianity in a Pluralist World (Part 3): Marcionism, Gnosticism and the “Manly” Heresy

Matt Kennedy has a "bad" habit, or two! When he "hits" something, it usually is the one nail that needs to be pounded into the dirt! hehe!

Try this quote:

"Mainline Protestants, by and large, have been trained to trust their own perceived experiences of God or perceptions about God above scripture and tradition and so they sit in the pews testing all that they see and hear by this prior commitment to their own opinions.

And now, try this one on for size:

"The historical Jesus is a dead Jew buried somewhere in Palestine. The risen Christ is alive in our experience."

And then there's this gem:

" . . . with the acceptance of what is often referred to as the “deeper” meaning of the resurrection or virgin birth or miracles, the spiritual or mystical meaning, permits modern-day Gnostics to employ the language of the Creeds while denying their doctrinal content."
Read the whole thing! Sometimes *I* have trouble following his theological terminolgy but this time even I could get much of his message. Nice work, Fr. Matt!

There Is A Toleration Which Is Treachery

I found this thought provoking devotional over at Pat Dague's Transfigurations:
There is a toleration which is treachery. There is a peace which issues in paralysis. There are hours when the Church must say NO to those who should ask communion with her, in the doing of her work, upon the basis of compromise. Such standing aloof may produce ostracism and persecution; but it will maintain power and influence...The reason why men do not look to the Church today is that she has destroyed her own influence by compromise. ...G. Campbell Morgan

Control criminals, not guns

Walter E. Williams has a "Minority View" that I think many of us agree with. Try this:
"Gun control laws will not protect us from murderers."

And this one ought to start a civil war in the courts:
"There are many third-party liability laws. I think they ought to be applied to members of parole boards who release criminals who turn around and commit violent crimes."

Hehe! Let's get something started here. It might work and watchin' it oughta be whole lotta fun!

Rigged Firearms "Demonstration"


Who'da thunk it? There must be more of that "illegal water" up there in NY State. Now their gun-controlers are trying to rig the "demonstrations" in their favor. In addition, the Demon-rats can't even get their facts straight! Must be nice to be a liberal. You don't have to pay attention to reality!

Four Americans die in drug-smuggling Mexican area

H/T: World Net Daily

Reuters reported this, but I do not recall seeing anything about it on the nightly news. Perhaps 4 Americans are not worth the effort to report their death here in this country.

BTW, all this comes from the country where personal firearm possession is rather strictly limited. Especially if you're an American.

The Secrets of Arab Success has a very interesting take on why Arabs have not fared well in the various wars they've found themselves in. Read it and cogitate.

Drug Cartels to Mexican Police: 'Join Us or Die'

Back on May 16th I blogged about this article from NewsMax: Gunfire, Kidnappers Await Tourists at Mexico Border. Now there's more of the same from Fox News. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Stay safe and God Bless Ya'll !

Mother Told She'd Be Arrested for Bringing Autistic Son to Church

I read this and began thinking that if this boy was my son, something would have to change. Him. Me. Church. Something. By the time I finished it, I'd made my decision. What do you think. Here's all I have on the story. Stick with the facts as stated.

BERTHA, Minn. — The mother of a 13-year-old autistic boy says she wanted to take him to Mass on Sunday despite a court order that bans him from her church.

Carol Race ended up attending a different church — after the Todd County, Minn., sheriff stopped her and said she'd be arrested if she brought Adam to the Church of St. Joseph in Bertha.

There is a restraining order barring Race's son from St. Joseph's. The Reverend Daniel Walz wrote in court documents that Adam's behavior was disruptive and dangerous. Adam is more than 6 feet tall and over 225 pounds.

The pastor wrote that Adam spits, urinates and once struck a child during Mass.

Race says Adam doesn't spit, and that the urination is incontinence. She admits he once struck a child.

Race has already violated the restraining order once, and is scheduled to appear in court for that on Monday.

My $ 0.03 worth:

We have handicapped/disabled persons in our own congregation. I've been in congregations where the brain-damaged individual was handicapped (I grew up with that term. I'll use it.) young adult. He was disabled by a accident. His interruptions occurred when he involuntarily vocalized (un-intelligebile utterances. Later on, he was capable of some speech.) at inappropriate times. One look at him and you knew that he was "disabled." As a congregation, we treated him as we would an infant - we ignored his interruptions. His loving parents were embarrassed enough. We did not ignore him as an individual, though. He was welcomed and cared for by our people.

Probably some of us felt uncomfortable around him, as I did. I did not, and still do not, know what to say or do around a person profoundly disabled.

Others evidently feel that way about me! ;>)

I met my first severly handicapped person when I was about 15. He was a quadraplegic in a wheel chair due to polio. Then I corresponded briefly with a youngster in Corpus Christi in an iron lung - polio. By the time I entered college, I met an adult quadraplegic due to a broken neck. Each of these taught me to live the life I have been given.

Ironically enough, I could/can be described as one of those persons. I was born with deformed hands, wrists and forearms. Corrective surgery at age 5 allows me the use of the most severly deformed hand. That work allowed me to earn a decent living as an electronic technician for many years until other, invisible, conditions put me on disability. Don't go telling me I can not sympathize/empathize because I can't imagine being other than "normal.' What ever that is. Enough about me, back to our regularly scheduled blog.

The 13-year old at 6', 225 lbs. needs to be controlled in public. Controlled to the extent he is no longer perceived as "dangerous" by most people who meet him. Any one that believes a 13-year old can't beat-up on you never met our son. Our play-fights occasionally got out of control as we became "enthusiastic." :>)

A 13-year old boy in an adult body can be dangerous. Spitting on people is probably illegal in that jurisdiction and certainly unhealthy to those receiving it, whatever his intent. Incontinence can probably be dealt with.

Carol Race appears to be out of control herself. She has contributed to a situation where the sheriff has been asked to intervene on behalf of the parish. Ms. Race has "already violated the restraining order once, and is scheduled to appear in court for that on Monday." Hmmmmnnnn!

As you read my two-pennies worth, you'll find that I do not believe restraining orders are not worth the paper they're written on unless all parties are already law-abiding citizens. Then they are probably unnecessary. The restraining order certainly hasn't worked in this case. I wonder why?

"The Embalming Fluid of a Revisionist Church"

This is a follow-up to an article I found at TitusOneNine a while back and blogged about on the 16th.

Princess Moonbeam has gotten into a cat-fight with a lion of the faith, Archbishop of Uganda Henry Orombi. A common phrase used down her would say: "She brought a knife to a gun fight." He visited some parishes here in the US that used to be in her denomination and withdrew. They sought episcopal oversight from Orombi since they could no longer tolerate the un-biblical, heretical doctrines of the TEo. Since she is a rainbow-mitered calico and he is a full-grown lion, I wonder who might win? What do you think? hehe

Anyway, David Virtue, in this article, has a few interesting comments concerning the squabble In his run-up to the Schori/Orombi match, Virtue wrote of an almost identical squabble between +Hilz/Canada and ++Venables/Southern Cone concerning Venables visit with some of Hilz' EX-parishes. Concerning Venables' attitude and behaviour in ignoring Hilz' whining:

" . . . if one is on a rescue mission, one throws out life preservers not "peace in our time" pieces of paper. . . . "

Moving on to the Schori/Orombi match-up, Virtue wrote this about Schori's insistence upon more "dialogue."

"Conversation in TEC is not really conversation at all. It is a one-sided game in which "conversation" is a rat trap designed to pull you in, not to "dialogue" or have "conversation", but to persuade you that you are wrong on the issues. She (KJS - Gene) and her coterie of liberal bishops just happen to be right, so please get on board the TEC train to nowhere so we can persuade you."
I don't always agree with David Virtue but I sure do like his way with words.

"The question becomes, why should Orombi speak to a woman with minimal theological education, who wears rainbow miters, snubs a visiting pope, rejects the Great Commission (in favor of MDGs) and whose understanding of the faith can be summed up in a cartoon which has her appearing in a pin stripe suit with the caption, 'Don't believe all that crap, (the faith) neither do we.'"
"It is now painfully obvious that Mrs. Jefferts Schori has become the embalming fluid of a revisionist church bent on its own self-destruction. It is just as obvious that Henry Luke Orombi has become one of its African saviors, who is doing the right thing by rescuing those who want to be rescued. Why should faithful, believing Episcopalians go down with the TEC Titanic when a lifeboat is available? Only a fool who believes in his/her pension more than the transforming power of the Holy Spirit would do so."
Wooooo-eeeee! Can that boy, er, I mean man call a spade a spade?!

While you're at it, read the whole article. Cover your keyboard and monitor to protect them from the spray. Barf-bags are optional! ;>)

God Bless Ya'll !

Friday, May 16, 2008

Broaching That Other Off-Limits Obama Topic

Marc Sheppard at American Thinker has an interesting thought piece. Read it and draw your own conclusions.

God Bless Ya'll !

"I stand for duty, honor, God and country."

H/T: Michelle Malkin

Go! READ! Consider!

I'll shut up now.

Gunfire, Kidnappers Await Tourists at Mexico Border

H/T: Newsmax

"U.S. citizens are urged to be especially alert to safety and security concerns when visiting the border region"
The US-Mexican border usually seems to be far, far away from my quiet SE Texas neighborhood. Until I drive down the street and bother to notice the plethora of signs in a Spanish. Actually, the presence of Spanish-speaking people never has bothered me too much.

You see, I used to live down near the border in my younger days - long, long ago. I was born in Brownsville (can't get much further south than that!) and lived in McAllen, Three Rivers, George West, Hebronville, Cotulla, Hempstead, Conroe, Hallettsville, Laredo and Beeville. Did I miss any? Must have! Oh, and I finally moved "north" in time to graduate from Conroe High School which is justa few miles north of Houston. All but Conroe and Hallettsville are south of San Antonio.

BTW, that list doesn't include the "repeats." We lived in Three Rivers three times, George West twice, Laredo three times and Conroe twice.

Anyway, I grew up running with kids named Paco, Manuel, Maria, Jesus, and so on. Learned a little bit of Tex-Mex in the mean time. I dare not use any of that knowledge in polite company! :>)

When we last lived in Laredo, I was probably about 10, I remember getting to "cross the river" with my folks and visit the shopping areas such as el Mercado and various stores nearby. Pretty tame stuff since they had to drag me along. I remember being warned to be alert and to obey! My parents impressed very strongly on me that things just worked differently on the other side of that muddy river. As it was, I never did recognize any threats. I guess I was sheltered from all that.

Now, we read that Mexican police officials are seeking asylum on this side of the border. Fearing for their lives. Open gun battles on the other side. Americans are kidnapped for ransom. Possibly some of them are actually innocent and in the wrong place at the wrong time.

What keeps the Mexican criminals from crossing the Rio Grande? Not much!

What's it going to take to settle things down down there? From my limited vantage point, the Mexican government does not seem to have a handle on its criminal element in spite of its draconian gun control laws.

Are we going to have to invade as Gen. "Black Jack" Pershing did in 1916? Or do we go to war as we did in 1848?

What is it going to take?

Down the Rabbit Hole: Part I

H/T: Keep and Bear Arms

David Codrea published this report which suggests we who believe in the rights recognized by the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution may be in more trouble than previously thought.

Read it all. Cogitate on the matter. Consider your options. Act.

Be safe! God Bless Ya'll !

Archbishop Henry Orombi Responds to the Presiding Bishop

Kendall Harmon at TitusOneNine reprinted Bishop Orombi's letter to Princess Moonbeam.

A bit of brief background in case you've missed this. ++Orombi is Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Uganda. He does not answer to anybody but Jesus Christ. He, and his church, is in "communion" with the Archbishop of Canterbury, the titular "head" (not pope!) of the world-wide Anglican Communion.

KJS is the Presiding Bishop (different title, same position as ++Orombi) of TEo here in the US.

There does exist rules within the Anglican Communion suggesting, pershaps requiring, permission to minister within another bishop's area of resonsibility. Obviously these can not apply to those who are not under that bishop's oversight.

Various individuals, congregations and whole dioceses have been leaving KJS' organization due to the unrepented heresies held by, and behaviors of, the TEo leadership. Therefore, several Anglican provinces (archbishops) have declared their broken communion with the TEo.

++Orombi scheduled and announced pastoral visits to congregations that left TEo and voluntarily associated with the Church of Uganda for pastoral oversight. Other congregations have associated with other African and South American Anglican Provinces.

So, hearing that ++Orombi was coming to the States, KJS wrote him a letter, but seemingly failed to actually put it in the mail to him. It has been published to the Internet for all to see. In it, KJS scolded ++Orombi for violating the episcopal boundaries she holds so dear.

Now, finally, we can get to ++Orombi's response:

"I received word of your letter through a colleague who had seen it on the internet. Without the internet, I may never have known that you had written such a personal, yet sadly ironic, letter to me.

Unfortunately, you appear to have been misinformed about key matters, which I hope to clear up in this letter.

1. I am not visiting a church in the Diocese of Georgia. I am visiting a congregation that is part of the Church of Uganda. Were I to visit a congregation within TEC, I would certainly observe the courtesy of contacting the local bishop. Since, however, I am visiting a congregation that is part of the Church of Uganda, I feel very free to visit them and encourage them through the Word of God.

2. The reason this congregation separated from TEC and is now part of the Church of Uganda is that the actions of TEC's General Convention and statements of duly elected TEC leaders and representatives indicate that TEC has abandoned the historic Christian faith. Furthermore, as predicted by the Primates of the Anglican Communion in October 2003, TEC's actions have, in fact, torn the fabric of the Communion at its deepest level.

3. May I remind you that the initial reason the Lambeth Commission on Communion was appointed was because of unbiblical decisions taken by TEC in defiance of repeated warnings by all of the Anglican Instruments of Communion. The Windsor Report was produced and accepted in amended form by the Primates at our meeting in Dromantine, Northern Ireland, in February 2005. It is, therefore, quite ironic for you to be quoting the Windsor Report to me. Nowhere in the Windsor Report or in subsequent statements of the Instruments of Communion is there a moral equivalence between the unbiblical actions and decisions of TEC that have torn the fabric of our Communion at its deepest level and the pastoral response on our part to provide ecclesiastical oversight to American congregations who wish to continue to uphold the faith once delivered to the saints and remain a part of the Anglican Communion. Your selective quoting of the Windsor Report is stunning in its arrogance and condescension.

4. You and your House of Bishops rejected outright the Pastoral Scheme painstakingly devised in Dar es Salaam, and to which you agreed. You have, therefore, left us no choice but to continue to respond to the cries of God's faithful people in America for episcopal oversight that upholds and promotes historic, biblical Anglicanism.

5. An important element of the Dar es Salaam agreement was the plea by the Primates that "the representatives of The Episcopal Church and of those congregations in property disputes with it to suspend all actions in law arising in this situation." This was something to which you gave verbal assent and yet you have initiated more legal actions against congregations and clergy in your short tenure as Presiding Bishop than all of your predecessors combined. I urge you to rethink, suspend litigation and follow a more Christ-like approach to settling your differences.

Finally, I appeal to you to heed the advice of Gamaliel in Acts 5.38ff, "Leave these [churches] alone! Let them go! For if their purpose or activity is of human origin, it will fail. But if it is from God, you will not be able to stop [them]; you will only find yourselves fighting against God.""



The Presiding Bishop of TEC: Does She Know What She Is Doing?

Dr. Phillip Turner asks an excellent question of the Presiding Bishop of TEo. I'd asked if she was sane. Turner's much more polite than I am.

Zimbabwe's rulers unleash police on Anglicans

H/T: TitusOneNine
"The parishioners were lined up for Holy Communion on Sunday when the riot police stormed the stately St. Francis Anglican Church in . . . "
Where do you think this happened. An Anglican church. Riot police.

Well, it happened far, far away. Harare, Zimbabwe. But not long, long ago. The International Herald Tribune article is dated today, 5/16/08.

Our MSM just doesn't seem to be bothered with Christians getting beat-up by government thugs. Any other religion, others than Christian or pseudo-Christian or Jewish, is bally-hooed to the rafters. Ya' ever noticed how every single death in "Palestine" is touted but few, if any, comment on the Jewish deaths/injuries? How many have spoken out concerning the abuse of power in the State of Texas vs. the pseudo-Christian FLDS?

Read the whole article.

Consider the implications to us.

Abuse of power in Texas

Joseph Farah in today's World Net Daily asks a compelling question/

Question: What's worse for children than to have parents who are members of a polygamy cult?

Answer: To have the state for parents

Texas' Childrens' Protective Service appears to have skirted, if not violated, a few rules and maybe even a couple of laws in its handling of the crisis.

I still think this situation STINKS!

Gun buy-back program draws fire and ire

H/T: Keep and Bear Arms

More "illegal water" from NY State! My goodness! Maybe they ought to bottle it!

Oh. They can't do that! They're too busy doing their socialist "thing" up there.

Maybe they're smoking some of that nasty weed!

"Lawmaker Chris Higgins of Albany introduced a resolution Monday night to the County Legislature requesting Sheriff Jim Campbell and District Attorney David Soares to set up the buy-back and grant amnesty to those turning in illegal weapons."

" . . . grant amnesty . . . " Does that mean what I think it means? Sell me your unwanted guns for money/gift cards/whatever and I'll reward your criminal activity by forgiving your misdeed?

"However, she questioned the value of buying the handguns, saying she's been told that the ones turned in "are not valuable, they may be broken, or people don't want to be questioned."

She's been told the truth. If I were of a criminal mind, I would not turn in a useful weapon, much less allow some one, anyone, to question me or obtain my identification. I'd play the "authorities" for the fools these seem to be.

" . . . a person bringing in an illegal gun 'will receive amnesty for that time only when the gun is turned in. If the gun is processed and found to have been involved in a crime, that person will be questioned.'"

That's not an "amnesty" that I'd be interested in.

"A few years ago, Albany police had a gun buy-back program, as have several communities. It was open to all guns, and Albany got numerous rifles and shotguns, and a couple of handguns from people who turned them in after a family member died, Campbell said.

Higgins, the lead sponsor, said last year shootings were up 47 percent in the city of Albany, according to the state Division of Criminal Justice Services. "Even if we get one gun off the street, it would be a step in the right direction."

How about taking the criminal off the street? Wouldn't that be so much more effective? Removing firearms from those who may need them encourages the criminals to be more aggressive.

Come on, guys! Let's use some of that un-common sense we're all supposed to have.

Be safe and God Bless Ya'll !

Microstamping Can Help Police Match Guns to Shell Casings, Study Finds

H/T: World Net Daily

Here's a few thought about this new, emerging, technology coming to a legislature near you.

"New technology currently being tested by the University of California at Davis could make it easier for police to identify the gun from which shells left at a crime scene have been fired."
First of all, I'm all for technology that helps solve crimes. I am against technology that either fails to that or creates little, or no, benefit to the citizenry who pay for it.

For the foreseeable future, micro-stamping fits both categories, INMNSHO. How dare I make this observation?

Let's look at what we're being told. Correct me if you can.

  • The current technology, according to the article, requires an etched firing pin to be installed in each and every weapon to mark the fired cartridge. The photo in the article depicts an unfired cartridge with a code marked across the rear, or butt, of the cartridge. That's an excellent place to place the code. Every time the primer, in the rear of the cartridge, is struck the primer (that's the device that sets off the firing sequence) is deformed. I think that will render many fired cartridges unreadable.
  • If the code is engraved onto the side wall of the firing chamber, that will be another excellent idea! Fired cartridge brass expands under pressure to seal the firing chamber. Extraction, for that ultimately critical shot, is sometimes difficult. Anything that increases extraction difficulty is to be avoided like the plague. It cost lives. Furthermore, as the cartridge is ejected, the force involved should smear the encoding.
  • Micro-stamping really works for only semi-automatic and fully-automatic weapons. They both can spray empty, once-fired, cartridges for several feet. Revolvers and single-shot pistols, on the other hand, hold fired cases until they're extracted in one movement. Many of the revolver shooters reload, or remanufacture, their ammunition as a cost-saving technique. In addition, a few like to try for specialized loads emphasizing power, velocity or accuracy. Think target shooters and hunters.

Further items from the article:

"After firing about 2,500 rounds, the letter/number codes on the face of the firing pins were still legible with some signs of wear. But the bar codes and dot codes around the edge of the pins were badly worn.

'They were hammered flat,' Beddow said"

2,500 rounds sounds like a lot. NOT! Those in the handgun shooting sports go through many, many thousands of rounds a year, Firing pins, while replacable, are usually very long-lasting components. 2,500 rounds is inadequate.

"Tests on other guns, . . . showed a wide range of results depending on the weapon, the ammunition used and the type of code examined. Generally, the letter/number codes on the face of the firing pin and the gear codes transferred well to cartridge cases, but the bar codes on the sides of the firing pin performed more poorly. Microstamping worked particularly poorly for the one rimfire handgun tested."

Not quite ready for prime time! In fact, how much do you want to trust your life to this technology? BTW, did you know that the .22 rimfire family of cartridges are the most popular in the wor;d?

"The researchers did not have access to patented information allowing them to read the bar- or gear-codes, and so could not determine if these remained legible enough to be useful."

"Codes engraved on the face of the firing pin could easily be removed with household tools . . . "

Well, they looked good to me!

"About 2,000 makes and models of handguns are sold in California, compared with the nine tested . . . "

Hmmmnn?! And California is so restrictive! How could they allow "2,000 makes and models of handguns" to be "sold in California"?

"AB 1471 also requires at least one other internal location for microstamping a number. Microstamping on areas other than the firing pin was not tested in this study. Based on the study's preliminary results with a .22-caliber pistol, where the code on the firing pin was transferred to the brass of the cartridge rather than the softer primer, the effectiveness of such a requirement needs further assessment, Tulleners said."

As the guy said, above, "Hammered flat."

One company is promoting this technology. Does any one else smell a rat?

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bill Would Renew Federal Assault Weapons Ban

H/T: Keep and Bear Arms

Robert Longley tells us something interesting concerning the activities of our highly "intelligent" and highly paid public "servants."

One bill to revive the assault weapons ban has already been introduced by Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D, New York, 4th). McCarthy's Assault Weapons Ban and Law Enforcement Protection Act of 2007, (H.R. 1022), would reenact the ban for ten years. Along with reinstating federal criminal penalties involving possession or transfer of assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition feeding devices, H.R. 1022 would expand the definition of "semiautomatic assault weapon" to include semiautomatic-to-fully-automatic conversion kits and any semiautomatic rifle or pistol that accepts a detachable magazine and that has other characteristics of assault weapons, including telescoping stocks, threaded barrels and pistol grips.

We now find they are attempting to fix something that is designed to fail - the so-called assault-weapon ban that never, and still would not, ban much that is useful to criminals. However, it would ban some more of our hunting, plinking and defense weapons. BTW, did you know criminals are already banned from possessing weapons? The previous version of the "assault weapons" ban didn't seemed to stop them from practising their criminal activities, either.

Of course, how many of us believe that our law-makers intend to ban "assault weapons" only? The effect of this law, and its predecessor, is to further ban firearms in the hands of private citizens.

First of all, the ban does not affect very many assault weapons (already highly regulated) while it bans those that look like what the law's authors think assault weapons should look like.

" . . . reinstating federal criminal penalties involving possession or transfer of assault weapons . . . "
True assault weapons are already highly regulated. Didn't I just say that?

" . . . and high-capacity ammunition feeding devices . . . "
WHO gets to define "high-capacity?" The last time, it was anything more than 10 rounds. What will it be this time? What happens when some lawyer/judge/legislator gets a bee up his/her bonnet & decides it's time to redefine "high-"capacity?

BTW, did you notice how a magazine is now an "ammunition feeding device?" That is so precious!
" . . . would expand the definition of "semiautomatic assault weapon" to include semiautomatic-to-fully-automatic conversion kits and any semiautomatic rifle or pistol that accepts a detachable magazine and that has other characteristics of assault weapons, including telescoping stocks, threaded barrels and pistol grips."

"Semiautomatic assault rifle or pistol" - here we have an oxymoron. There is just no such critter!

"Semi-automatic-to-fully-automatic conversion kits" are already highly regulated. Didn't I just say that?

" . . . accepts a detachable magazine . . . " Ever try to reload a revolver - in a hurry? I bet the author of this bill certainly hasn't! But then she has government protection any time she wants it! What about us? Oh! I forgot, I'll bet ya' police and military are exempted.

" . . . and that has other characteristics of assault weapons . . . "

The only true characteristic of an assault weapon this bill is already highly regulated by the Feds. Didn't I just say that?

Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D, New York, 4th) is wasting tax-payers time and money on another feel-good bill.

Mindful Musings:My thoughts and whatnots.: RESISTANCE

H/T: Keep and Bear Arms

Sic semper tyrannis is a Latin phrase meaning "thus ever (or always) to tyrants." Recommended by George Mason to the Virginia Convention in 1776, the phrase is attributed to Marcus Junius Brutus[1] at the assassination of Julius Caesar. It is sometimes mistranslated as "Death to tyrants." - Wikipedia

In this article, Chris Horton is on a tear. Read, and consider, the whole article carefully. Much is at stake. The fate of the Republic. Our individual lives.
"I have a bumper sticker on the back of my Chevy Blazer, two of them actually. The one on the left says, 'If you think 'war is not the answer . . .'' The one on the right finishes, 'Then you don't understand the question.'"
But to me the twin stickers are not about Iraq, but rather a restatement of George Washington's dictum that only those who are prepared for war will have peace. What liberals fail to grasp is that you don't have to be a war lover to believe this.
There are, however, a few things worse than war: oppression, slavery, and the unanswered murder of innocents, including your own family. Faced with this alternative, those of us who wish to be free have but one choice -- resistance.
"When you face violence -- political violence such as in Germany -- you simply cannot respond with niceties; you cannot deal honestly with dishonesty." -- Belgian "Pere" Bodson to his pacifist son Herman, 1935, in Agent for the Resistance: A Belgian Saboteur in World War II, Herman Bodson, Texas A&M Press, 1994, p. 9.
It would have been better for the Nazis if they had not attracted the attention of this amazing pilot.
Very interesting stories that may apply to our situation in this country and elsewhere.

New York Senator Pushes for Police Gun Cams

I think there must be something illegal in the water in NY state. Too many nut cases come from there. Think Hiliary, Chuck Schumer (both US Senators, unfortunately), NY State Senator Eric Adams and now this.

Legend Technologies PistolCam seems to be the sole source for this unique product. It supposedly turns on when withdrawn from the holster and records for up to 60 minutes. When memory is low, it reverts to still images when the gun fires and recoils. At least one article I've read (and lost track of!) indicated it turns ON in only two seconds after drawing the weapon. The shooting will probably be over before it turns on, if that is the case.

For starters acquisition of this camera/light/laser(?) is going to require the following increases in officer training and equipping budgets:

New holsters designed to accept the device will have to be purchased. Perhaps it is similar enough in form to permit the few holsters designed for illunination (flash lights) and targetting devices (lasers) to suffice? Maybe, maybe not. Neither the articles nor the PistolCam website seem to address this not-so-trivial issue.
  • Who is going to pay for the new holsters? The individual officer or his/her department?
  • Replacement and repair parts and programs. These, in my experience, are never, well almost never, included in price estimates. I wonder why? :>)
  • CAN that $%&% light be turned off at will by the officer? I took a night/low-light shooting course a few years ago. The seasoned patrol officer instructor taught us to control our illumination to prevent giving away our position before we were ready. As a tax-paying citizen, I don't want to see the officers responding with anything that will put them further at risk.
  • CAN that $%&% laser be turned off at will by the officer? Same deal.


  • Light control - see above
  • Laser control - see above
  • I believe the 1.5 ounces claimed weight may change the point of impact when the gun is fired. Only practice by individual officers using the new device in simulated extreme, and dark, circumstances will tell us for sure.
  • The PistolCam, as depicted on their web site, extends a fraction of an inch past the barrel of the attached handgun. This could cause a malfunction (negligent, not accidental, discharge) when an officer draws the weapon. I know of at least one incident where an experienced shooting using an almost identical weapon (the barrel was a fraction of an inch longer than he was used to) caused said shooter to shoot himself in the leg. That's not a urban legend, folks. The shooter, and his son and several others present at the incident related the same tale to me. I normally shot with them but skipped that night for some reason. Kinda glad I did! :>)

That's enough for now. My objections are surmountable if enough design effort, and money, are (or have been) applied to them.

Anyway, INMNSHO, a better solution would be an equally light-weight audio and video recording system worn on the officer's body/belt/uniform. I know they're overburdened already, but if such a device is worth the effort, then they might find a way to fit it in.

Be safe and God Bless Ya'll !

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Who's the real criminal

H/T: War on Guns:

"This argument that gun control is necessary to combat crime is flimsy and has been disproven numerous times. The overwhelming majority of gun owners are law abiding citizens, like . . . "

Jennifer Freeman's commentary is right on.

The Concealed Carry Creed

From XavierBreath:

The Concealed Carry Creed

My weapon is for the protection of my life and the lives of others. That is its sole purpose. It does not confer rights, responsibilities or authority greater than that of other citizens. It merely allows me to protect life.

I will seek never to have to use my weapon. If I can avoid conflict, I will. If I can resolve conflict, I will. If I can escape danger, I will. If I am forced to bring my weapon to bear and use it, I will.

I will acquire superior training with my weapon. It is not the weapon that saves lives, but my effective use of the weapon. I will ensure my training is sound, my knowledge is current, and my mind is prepared.

I will know, understand, and obey all laws and ordinances concerning my weapon no matter where I happen to be. Failure to do so harms all who seek to legally carry an effective means of self protection.

I will know and follow the Four Rules of safe gun handling. I am a member of a growing community that must foster and teach safe and responsible gun handling if the community is to survive.

My only complaint: I wish *I* had written this! :>)

Be safe and God Bless Ya'll !

"The Four Rules"

H/T: XavierBreath

I grew up learning these rules, or laws, of gun safety. It's just that nobody told me they were this simple. :>) However, I did learn them. In about 50 years of shooting I've experienced one negligent discharge about 35 years ago. Period. Guess which of the four I violated! Hint: Your first two guesses don't count.

I think Dad did a good job of teaching me.

I present to you, Col. Jeff Coooper's Four Rules:

The Four Rules

1. All firearms are always loaded
2. Never let the muzzle of a firearm point at anything you are not willing to destroy
3. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot
4. Be sure of your target and what is behind it

Make these rules a part of your character. Never compromise them. Improper gunhandling results from ignorance and improper role modeling, such as handling your gun like your favorite actor does. Education can cure this. You can make a difference by following these gunhandling rules and insisting that those around you do the same. Set the example. Who knows what tragedies you, or someone you influence, may prevent?

'Nuff Said!

Be Safe & God Bless Ya'll !


MikeH at What McAuliffe Said seems to have the right idea. Read it all.

"If we are very ill, we cannot make decisions for ourselves or at least are impaired. We are not able to concentrate on anything but getting better. We lack wherewithal to criticize, to analyze, to 'parse'. This can be made worse or made up."


"The 'cure' is to admit we need to make US a Constitutional Republic again.
That is considered by some an illness to declare this."

Food for thought.

Dustin's Gun Blog: Joe Chaim Gun Free Zone Cartoons

H/T: Keep and Bear Arms

Dustin's Gun Blog: Joe Chaim Gun Free Zone Cartoons

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mental health workers rip CPS over sect

Late yesterday, the Houston (Tx) Chronicle posted an article saying that mental health workers are claiming Children's Protective Services acted unprofessionally (INMNSHO).

As I commented back on 4/23, something stinks here. Something seems to be rotten. Yes, these are anonymous allegations and have not been proven.

In a related note, during the prayers of the people yesterday morning at St. Timothy's Anglican Church, Tomball, Texas (I really like their new & improved website!) some one behind me offered prayer for the FLDS mothers & children. Though I am troubled by Texas' behavior with these women and children (I have no problem with enforcement of law), I had not engaged anyone in conversation concerning the State's actions. I am very pleased that some one else has these victims in mind, also.

Keep watching.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

D.C. Officers to Get Rifles by Summer

Verrry Interesting!

Today's version of has an article concerning Washington D.C. police acquiring "assault rifles" by summer.

"Metropolitan Police Department officials said yesterday patrol officers will be issued assault rifles by the summer, . . . "

"The Washington Times reported Wednesday that the department is arming the officers with the rifles as part of a national trend to protect them from criminals with increasingly powerful weapons. "

Claiming they are facing increased firepower from criminal elements (and I suspect they really are), the police want to increase their own firepower. Not a bad idea. I kinda like that. However, there appear to be technical as well as logical errors in the article, if not in their stated reasoning.


"Chief Joshua Ederheimer said the department has spent the past year converting 500 AR-15 rifles from fully-automatic to semi-automatic and . . . " (Emphasis added - Gene)
Now I always thought the fully-automatic, military/police, version was the Colt M-16 (note the words "burst" and "Full-Auto" in the specifications) and the "civilian" semi-automatic was the Colt AR-15. I can understand the Washington Times reporter being too ignorant to bother checking his/her facts. On the other hand, perhaps didn't bother either. Or - I could be wrong! But, I don't think so! :>)

Why would they convert full-auto, or burst, weapons to semi-auto? That does not make sense. Just these nit-pickin' details makes the article, if not the situation itself, "smell."


Washington DC is currently being sued for their overly-strict gun control laws that prohibit its citizens from possessing handguns and prohibiting defensive firearms in residences since about 1976. Their crime rate has climbed ever since. The suit is before the Supreme Court right now.

The lawful citizens are disarmed in the face of overwhelming criminal behavior. The police claim their outgunned by criminals with "increasingly powerful weapons." According to DC, and others, it's "easy" for the criminals to obtain any weapons they want while the law-abiding citizens are prohibited from lawful commerce with intent to protect themselves.

What is wrong with this picture?

God Bless Ya'll !

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Five Rules of Concealed Carry

H/T: Xavier Breath

CCW is a serious responsibility. Read it all.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Gun Control Works! - Uh, Yeah, Right! has an interesting article on the effectivness of "gun-", I mean, "people"-control

H/T: Keep and Bear Arms

The State of New Jersey severely restricts the " . . . right of the people to keep and bear arms . . . " portion of the Second Amendment to the US Constitution. Evidently their rulers do not believe the people should have the ability to pursue their own lives, liberty and happiness.

They restrict that right so much that the good citizens of NJ have to jump through hoops to simply possess the instruments needed to protect themselves. On the other hand, the "good" felons of NJ, incarcerated for their documented mis-behavior, seem to be able to those same instruments while in the pokey!


Be Safe & God Bless Ya'll !

Saturday, May 03, 2008


H/T: Western Rifle Shooters Assoc.
"A man can never have too many books, too much red wine or too much ammunition."
-- Rudyard Kipling
At The War On Guns David Codrea hosts a Mike Vanderboegh article that just might hit home in unexpected ways. Read it and consider the consequences. Read it all.

Weaponless Resistance to Tyranny

Another excellent item from the Western Shooters Assoc. blog:
Using the Delphi Technique to Achieve Consensus: How it is leading us away from representative government to an illusion of citizen participation
Read it and comprehend.

Words from Colonel Cooper

The Western Rifle Shooters Association blog brings this thought back to mind.

According to Col. Jeff Cooper, in 1994:

The American people have not yet demonstrated that they have sufficient gumption to stand up to the federal ninja . . .

I wonder if this still holds true. Are things better for us, or worse? Read it all at WSRA.

FWIW the Lon Horiuchi mentioned in Cooper's comments still walks free.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Gun Bans in the UK

Here is an excellent video courtesy of Xavier Breath:

Never forget, it can happen here!

God Bless Ya'll !

Notable and Quotable

Thanks to Drell's Descants for publishing this. These are worth noting.

“Thus speaketh Christ our Lord to us,
‘You call me Master and obey me not;
You call me the Way and walk me not;
You call me life and live me not;
You call me wise and follow me not;
You call me fair and love me not;
You call me rich and ask me not;
You call me eternal and seek me not;
If I condemn you, blame me not.’”
-Engraving on the wall of a German cathedral

Ouch, that hurt!

“Do all the good you can. By all the means you can. In all the ways you can.
In all the places you can. At all the times you can. To all the people you can.
As long as ever you can.”
John Wesley

God Bless Ya'll !

Mark, with the copier, etc

To the brother in Christ who offered to help our new church:

I've lost your email and can not respond. Please contact me and I'll be able to update you. We all appreciate your offer.

God Bless Ya' !

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