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Thursday, May 22, 2008

4 Robbed, Then Fired for Following Instructions

What was Eric Northon of Ace Cash Express thinking! Oh, RIGHT, it wasn't his ear the gun was stuck in!

"We believe when everybody follows the procedures it protects everyone," Ace spokesman Eric Norrington told the station. "When you fail to do so, it puts everyone at risk."

Hmmmnnnnn? Let me think. The "procedure violation" that'll get me fired or the gun at my head? "Hey, Mr. Robber, can I have a couple of more minutes to consider my options, pretty please?"

Yeah, right.

Along with "zero tolerance" (a great concept in manufacturing and an extremely poor concept for much else) this'll get you killed. It's kinda hard to collect a paycheck once you're dead or disabled.

Be safe ya'll and God Bless Ya'll !

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