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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"The Embalming Fluid of a Revisionist Church"

This is a follow-up to an article I found at TitusOneNine a while back and blogged about on the 16th.

Princess Moonbeam has gotten into a cat-fight with a lion of the faith, Archbishop of Uganda Henry Orombi. A common phrase used down her would say: "She brought a knife to a gun fight." He visited some parishes here in the US that used to be in her denomination and withdrew. They sought episcopal oversight from Orombi since they could no longer tolerate the un-biblical, heretical doctrines of the TEo. Since she is a rainbow-mitered calico and he is a full-grown lion, I wonder who might win? What do you think? hehe

Anyway, David Virtue, in this article, has a few interesting comments concerning the squabble In his run-up to the Schori/Orombi match, Virtue wrote of an almost identical squabble between +Hilz/Canada and ++Venables/Southern Cone concerning Venables visit with some of Hilz' EX-parishes. Concerning Venables' attitude and behaviour in ignoring Hilz' whining:

" . . . if one is on a rescue mission, one throws out life preservers not "peace in our time" pieces of paper. . . . "

Moving on to the Schori/Orombi match-up, Virtue wrote this about Schori's insistence upon more "dialogue."

"Conversation in TEC is not really conversation at all. It is a one-sided game in which "conversation" is a rat trap designed to pull you in, not to "dialogue" or have "conversation", but to persuade you that you are wrong on the issues. She (KJS - Gene) and her coterie of liberal bishops just happen to be right, so please get on board the TEC train to nowhere so we can persuade you."
I don't always agree with David Virtue but I sure do like his way with words.

"The question becomes, why should Orombi speak to a woman with minimal theological education, who wears rainbow miters, snubs a visiting pope, rejects the Great Commission (in favor of MDGs) and whose understanding of the faith can be summed up in a cartoon which has her appearing in a pin stripe suit with the caption, 'Don't believe all that crap, (the faith) neither do we.'"
"It is now painfully obvious that Mrs. Jefferts Schori has become the embalming fluid of a revisionist church bent on its own self-destruction. It is just as obvious that Henry Luke Orombi has become one of its African saviors, who is doing the right thing by rescuing those who want to be rescued. Why should faithful, believing Episcopalians go down with the TEC Titanic when a lifeboat is available? Only a fool who believes in his/her pension more than the transforming power of the Holy Spirit would do so."
Wooooo-eeeee! Can that boy, er, I mean man call a spade a spade?!

While you're at it, read the whole article. Cover your keyboard and monitor to protect them from the spray. Barf-bags are optional! ;>)

God Bless Ya'll !

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