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Saturday, May 31, 2008

McCauliffe writes, at the end of an article initiated by a movie:

Liberals often resort to emotion to win a point, vis a vis gun control (with 'facts' that are skewed or outright lies). We must counter with a balance of emotion and reason, with facts that are imbued with both. That is an unbeatable combination that will ensure a renewal of our Republic and at the core, our humanity. Without humanity how could we have a Constitutional Republic?
Yep, that they do. "Liberals often resort to emotion to win a point . . . " Change the subject, the playing rules, change the "level" playing field to their advantge and my disadvantage. Had it happen many times.

Of course, liberals are not the only ones who re-write the rules to suit themselves. Sometimes they call themselves progressives, moderates, independents, even middle-of-the-road conservatives. ;>) I'll call them what they act like: Elitist, arrogant, socialist, . . .

Our three "front" runners for the presidency come to mind.

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