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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Obama admits reference to Auschwitz was wrong

H/T: ??? I lost my note on where I found this. :<(

Anyway, BHO evidently writes his own speeches. He certainly needs to get a new speech-writer.

Yep, I make these kinda mistakes all the time. I stick my left hind foot into my mouth every hour or so. I don't do it when I make a presentation. PERIOD.

"Democrat Barack Obama admitted on Tuesday he was wrong to say his uncle helped liberate the Nazis' Auschwitz concentration camp after Republicans said Soviet troops freed the camp."
Nope, "uncle" couldn't 've done it! Unless he was fighting for the Commies, like his "nephew."

More bias, INMNSHO, begins to appear in this statement - " . . . Republicans said Soviet troops freed the camp." The author suggests that the Republicans may not know their history either. Only at the end of the article is the historical fact of the Red Army's "liberation" of Auschwitz declared.

To many of us, it's a small thing. To too many of us, it's another nail in the coffin of America if we allow BHO to become our president. None of the major candidates are healthy for our republic!

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