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Thursday, May 29, 2008

We are not engaged in conflict with honest opponents

Greg Griffith at Stand Firm published this thoughtful piece on 5/26/08. I'm just a li'l late sharing it:

"But whatever you do or don't do, you must come to terms with the fact that you are not engaged in conflict with honest opponents. Worthy Opponents, yes, because as we've always defined the term, it means opponents who are skilled at achieving their goals. It does not speak to their trustworthiness or their honesty.

You are, rather, engaged in a conflict with liars - people who cannot be trusted, and who have proved that they cannot be trusted over and over again. Yes, there is Sarah Dylan Breuer, and Scott Gunn, and a few others on the other side of the debate I believe are genuinely honest and trustworthy, but they are the exceptions. As a whole, and certainly throughout the top of the leadership, they are liars, beginning with Katharine Jefferts Schori and David Booth Beers, and moving downward and outward to Jon Bruno, to Susan Russell and most of the leadership of Integrity, and on and on."
"It is not, as Dan writes, the "perception" of dishonesty that's the problem. It is the fact of dishonesty, and the willingness of those in the national TEC leadership to engage in it so openly, so frequently, and so brazenly."
Ah, that good ol' bugger-bear "perception." For all too many, "perception" is reality. If your perceptions are wrong, so follows your reality, decisions, life-style choices and so on. When we "perceive" our opponents as just like us, and they really aren't, then we're in deep asparagus!

"We are in the midst of a battle that is in no small part about incoherence: How can it be, we ask our opponents, that the Bible says this about homosexuality, but you insist it means that? How can it be, we ask them, that the Bible says this about the uniqueness of Christ, yet you insist it allows for an interpretation like that? How can it be, we ask them, that the Bible says the crucifixion and resurrection took place for the purpose of this, yet you insist something entirely different and contradictory?

If we are to have any hope at all of emerging from this crisis with anything remotely resembling a victory, it will be, in part, because we have identified, disassembled, and removed this kind of incoherence from the church and its leaders. But we are piling our own incoherence on top of our opponents' incoherence, when we continue to labor under the illusion that they are honest brokers. Worthy opponents, yes; but let go - Dan and everyone else - of any illusion that they are honest."

And then the comments began!

#1 Commentator mousestalker:

"The Episcopal Church: Where vox populi is always received as vox Dei"

#5 Commentator robroy:

"Well, Greg, I expect that Babyblue may weigh in with her famous HHHB principle: the Hammerstein Hierarchy of Human Behavior. Perhaps you’ll all recall it. As I remember it, it says that when things go wrong, 50% of the time it’s due to sheer laziness, 25% of the time to sheer stupidity, and only 15% of the time to outright malice and intentional evil. And the remaining 10% of the time it’s due to misguided altruism gone awry." - New Reformation Advocate

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