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Friday, May 16, 2008

Zimbabwe's rulers unleash police on Anglicans

H/T: TitusOneNine
"The parishioners were lined up for Holy Communion on Sunday when the riot police stormed the stately St. Francis Anglican Church in . . . "
Where do you think this happened. An Anglican church. Riot police.

Well, it happened far, far away. Harare, Zimbabwe. But not long, long ago. The International Herald Tribune article is dated today, 5/16/08.

Our MSM just doesn't seem to be bothered with Christians getting beat-up by government thugs. Any other religion, others than Christian or pseudo-Christian or Jewish, is bally-hooed to the rafters. Ya' ever noticed how every single death in "Palestine" is touted but few, if any, comment on the Jewish deaths/injuries? How many have spoken out concerning the abuse of power in the State of Texas vs. the pseudo-Christian FLDS?

Read the whole article.

Consider the implications to us.

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