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Saturday, June 14, 2008

The British Called, They Want Their Guns Back

H/T: Keep and Bear Arms

It's sad to see a once-free, and still proud, people meekly petition their rulers for the implements to protect themselves in their own homes.

Forgive me for being cynical, but didn't they ban personal firearms back in the '30s? What did they do with all the personal firearms we sent them in the late '30s as they prepared for Hitler's expected invasion. Did any of us ever get them back? I doubt it.

As I recall my history, they begged us for everything from our .30-30s to anything that could go "bang." Yes, FDR set up the Lend-Lease program & yes we ramped up the "Arsenal of Democracy" for them. And YES, thousands of Americans donated their personal firearms so that the Brits could have a chance to repel Hitler's expected invasion. THEY HAD DISARMED THEMSELVES.

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KJC402 said...

At about 10.5 seconds in; is that the British Actor Sir Edward Fox?

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