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Saturday, June 21, 2008

CBN: Episcopal Church Hopes in Pittsburgh Turn to Third World

H/T: TitusOneNine

The following quotes seem to sum it up nicely for me. Read the whole article, linked above, and determine for yourself.

"It's not about sex. It's about how we understand the Scriptures -- how we construe the Gospel." - Dr. Edith Humphrey


" . . . the church can never be anything other than under God's Word and can never be anything other than submitted to the Lordship of Jesus Christ," - Bishop Robert Duncan


"Isn't it staggering" says Duncan, "that God would lift up the church in Southeast Asia instead of the church in Britain -- or the church in Uganda instead of the church in America?" - Bishop Robert Duncan


" . . . being a Christian is not a hobby. It's not a part-time occupation, something you do Sunday mornings. It's who you are." - Bishop Martyn Minns

The martyrs of the early, middle, late and this year did not die for a hobby. They offered their lives for the living Christ and His Good News.

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