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'Gun-Free Zones' are only gun-free, until somebody brings a gun. - Unknown

Saturday, June 14, 2008

On Biking, Packing, and Flying

Ok, Xavier is a bit weird. He likes to ride those flimsy unbalanced things called a bicycle. That just can't be helped. He still has some good thoughts on personal conduct in this entry.

The successful long term concealed carrier survives not because he carries a gun, but because he practices avoidance. Those who simply strap on a hogleg without modifying aggressive behavior will find themselves sooner or later incarcerated or dead.


Reality is an inflexible bitch of a mistress that will not be ignored or denied. Her partner, Physics, is blind to all the wails for civic justice and cyclist progress. Together, Reality and Physics are going to have their way.

His choice of words may be "pungent" but you do understand his meaning. Period.

Be safe and God Bless Ya'll !

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