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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Thought for the Day

Last week I took the second of what I hope is many more CHL renewal classes.

Before I go any further and forget my manners:

I do commend and recommend both Shiloh Indoor Shooting Range and CHL instructor Dale Alvarez for your consideration. The class room was comfortable, spacious and almost cool enough after a very hot day. But, I do like my air conditioning on the cold side. hehe ;>) Dale, on the other hand, was full of it! He was was interesting to listen to, covered the material, answered everybody's questions and then picked on his designated trouble maker.

One note of caution for the sensitive. Dale can be profane. Nothing unusual. Just so you know. I'd still buy him a beer if the situation presented itself.

The designated trouble maker was an older gentleman who made a smart alec remark about 1.356 seconds before I said the same words. That's all that saved me from being the designated one. :>)

In other words, we had fun. Especially the gentleman so-designated. We had three ladies and about 13 men in the class. Ages ran from probably mid-30s to 70+ (I'm just guessing, here!)

OK, back to the story.

I've read recently that Tx DPS has reported a 30% increase of CHL applications over last year with a concurrent application delay stretching from 2 months, normal, to three months. In the article I remember reading, the source (I've forgotten who) said that DPS staff hadn't changed but the increase was a bit unexpected. In fact, DPS was bringing on temp and perhaps even permanent staff to handle the increase.

What I found interesting is Dales's comment that the increase was now at 40% with a four month delay. Even more interesting was his opinion of the why of the increase.

In his opinion, more people are (including illumination by yours truly!):

    • Fearful of the new administration in Washington. Whoever gets the nod in November is not going to be all that friendly to freedom's cause. Remember our favorite RINO! McCain hasn't demonstrated his conservative credentials - yet. Remember the McCain-Feingold free-speech fiasco? Then there's BHO. Between voting "PRESENT" and "NO" he hasn't found a gun ban, or gun-banner, that he didn't like. Of course, he has the money for a protection detail and Secret Service protection. He just does not see the need for personal protection. BTW, he claims to be a Constitutional scholar but he evidently has not read, much less believed, the Constitution of the United States means what it says.
    • Concerned about rising crime, perceived or factual. Crime statistics seem to be falling - At least in areas with state permitted recognized right to self-protection. Over 30 states now have some form of CHL/CCW/CWP. The areas with the highest crime rates deny their citizens subjects the ability to protect themselves with firearms - Illinois (particularly Chicago and environs, NY City and Washington D.C.
Now for my $ 0.03 worth: INMNSHO, people are fed up with being treated as children or morons or mushrooms.

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