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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

550 Tons of Yellowcake

Randall Hoven reminds us of our would-be socialist presidential candidates (since 9/11/2001) that told us, essentially: "Move along folks. There's nothing to see here!" That there is something to "see" and that they want us to ignore it is more, and more, obvious every day.

. . . "the mainstream media find it inconveniently contradicts the story they have been telling you for years."


. . . it is way too naive to think being under IAEA safeguard really means "safe". First, Saddam continually defied the IAEA as it was; that was a reason for multiple UN resolutions to sanction him. Second . . .


. . . the IAEA was no guarantee . . .


To many critics, there just never seems to be a good time. From the time WMD are in development to the time nuclear missiles are inbound, these critics just can't seem to find an appropriate window of opportunity to defend against them.)

God Bless Ya'll !

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