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Monday, July 14, 2008

"Dear [Decision Maker]."

Tamara's wit just bites! ;>)

Dear [ Decision Maker ],

I just found out that the evil Chimpy McHitlerburton administration is considering allowing loaded guns in national parks. How can this be? When I visit our national parks, I expect them to be safe and serene and full of beautiful wildlife, like bears and cougars and escaped rapists. But allowing guns in our national parks could change all that. Please don't turn off the force field keeping the icky guns out and the magic unicorns in!

Right now, firearms must be unloaded and put away, but still can be legally transported in such a fashion that the illiterate peasantry won't misuse them. (You know, for things like self-defense.) Assertions that firearms cannot be possessed or transported in national park are simply false. So why the rush to change the regulations? The law is reasonable, and it keeps visitors safe from being traumatized by the sight of nasty firearms in the hands of the hoi polloi.

I urge you to keep the current regulations and not open up our national parks to loaded weapons in the hands of law-abiding permit holders. The only people who should have guns in national parks are people who have the proper accessories, like shovels, gloves, tarps, and rolls of duct tape. Thank you for considering my views.

A. Bedwetter

(The link is included in the original - Gene)


God Bless Ya'll !

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