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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Freedom Reigns for All With Concealed Carry Law

H/T: Keep and Bear Arms

A.W.R. Hawkins nailed it with this piece.

The truth, however, was another thing altogether.


The dilemma for such a thug is that if picks the wrong the woman, his life is over. That is quite a deterrent for anyone accustomed to breathing, eating, and sleeping, criminals included.


This is a lesson that I have never forgotten: When I’m free, you’re free. In other words, when I carry a concealed handgun, people around me who do not carry one, and who may not even know me, are safer because of its deterring affect on the behavior of would-be criminals.


When opponents of concealed handgun laws protest because such laws will lead to bloodshed, rising crime rates, and increased “shoot outs” in the streets, they fail to take into the account the fact that the evidence is wholly and overwhelmingly against them. And most importantly, they fail to understand that whether they ever get a concealed gun permit or not, a gun concealed on my belt makes their children less likely to be targeted by criminals or pedophiles as they play with my children at the park. To put it another way, again: when I’m free, you’re free.


Our status as sole possessors of certain weapons and armed forces in this world poses no threat to those who do not threaten us or our allies, and they allow our neighbors to the South to spend their weekday mornings laughing with Americanized television hosts instead of crawling into bomb shelters.

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