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Monday, July 14, 2008

Iraq and the Surrounding Region, As Obama Wanted It

BHO has no real record for us to study when it comes to foreign policy. In fact, what little record he has is rather disquieting if you're not a rabid socialist/communist type.

However, Patrick J. Casey in an American Thinker article shows us how we can determine the probable results of BHO's published comments if he were CinC.

It's worthwhile for us to imagine what Iraq would look like today had Barack Obama been in control way back in 2007 . . .


So let's look at the scenario of Obama's unconditional "bugging out" of US troops from Iraq in a bit more detail than just an assumption that things would have gone, generally, to hell.


. . . making it uncomfortably easy for Iran to shut off the flow of Middle East oil and shipping to the rest of the world.


The capital city (Baghdad) itself would probably look a lot like Beirut right now . . .


Both Al Qaeda and Iran would be justifiably claiming victory over America, handing them the greatest recruitment tool for terrorist groups ever seen. Terrorist attacks against our troops in Iraq and elsewhere with the resultant loss of life and injuries would be increasing, rather than decreasing.


. . . the primary reason why Iraq was spiraling out of control in 2006 was not because of military action, but because of the lack of it. The United States had stopped aggressively prosecuting the war, instead choosing to use diplomacy as its main instrument in addressing the deteriorating situation within the country.


Barack Obama, on the other hand, while publicly requesting "a change in tactics", offered only a plan (S.433) of retreat and surrender.


Today, we must look back at the clearly stated actions (retreat, no surge) that Obama wanted to take in 2007, and compare them to the results that we can see today of the change in strategy ordered by President Bush that the presumed Democratic Presidential nominee so forcefully opposed at that time.

With that in mind, why should we trust anything that Obama now says about diplomacy or military action in the region that includes Iraq and Iran? If there is even a second of hesitation in answering that question, then Barack Obama should not be elected President and Commander-in-Chief of our armed forces, especially during a time of war.

Our enemies are licking their chops....

Why do the terrorists want BHO and the Demon-rats to win our election? It's really quite elemental, my dear reader! The terrorists want to win!

God Bless Ya'll !

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