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Monday, July 14, 2008

Is God a Liberal Democrat?

Mark D. Tooley writes about a Lutheran (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America) manifesto as it were written by my former denomination's leadership - TEo.

. . . remarkably, the divine priorities was very akin to the Democratic Party’s priorities, if not further to the left.


“The Scriptures are clear about God's concern for and solidarity with people living in poverty and on the margins of society,” the Lutherans portentously intoned in the letter. “They are equally clear that God calls us to be stewards of creation. We bring into the public square a commitment to service for the well-being of all of God's children and a faith conviction that government is an important catalyst in God's work of restoring peace, achieving economic justice and protecting the environment.”

Nobody wants to really argue with those goals. However, there is more to this tale.

Observe that the Lutherans cite government as “an important catalyst in God’s work.” In fact, their agenda implies that government is virtually God’s only instrument. The Lutherans want government to abolish poverty, prohibit war, cleanse the environment, engineer egalitarian justice globally, and seemingly usher in The Millennium through additional regulation and taxation. If government can achieve so much, who needs God, much less the church?


Many of America’s lower income people are indeed trapped in a cycle of relative subsistence, thanks partly to government programs that punish initiative, and social pathologies that inhibit advance. Avoiding poverty in America mostly entails finishing high school, shunning drug and alcohol addictions, not having illegitimate children, and avoiding divorce. But the Religious Left, contrary to its own religious traditions, is not interested in shaping personal choices. It prefers the compulsion of state regulation and taxation.


Coercively redistributing old wealth, rather than encouraging creation of new wealth, is always a supreme moral imperative for unimaginative left-wing clergy.

And other socialists!

But officials of the shrinking ELCA, in their demands to the presidential candidates, imply they have less confidence in the Gospel than they do in the healing, wonder-working powers of Big Government.

God Bless Ya'll !

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