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Friday, July 25, 2008

It doesn't Want to be Agreed with, it wants to be obeyed

This just in.

By Pony Express email from our correspondent in the East - BobL.

Pat Condell, from the UK, has a distinctly funny, sarcastic and very funny view of Islamofacism. A professed atheist, he definitely "gets" it.

At 03:09 into the 6 minute video, Condell lays it out on the table for all to see:

Radical Islam has seen us for what we are, a soft touch. It sees that political correctness is like a drug that we just can't stop injecting even though we know it's going to kill us. And they're taking full advantage of that, turning our sense of fairness against us, and making us despise ourselves for one of our best qualities. And any concession will be seen as a sign of weakness to be exploited further, because there is no dialogue with radical Islam. It doesn't want to be agreed with. It wants to be obeyed. (Emphasis added - Gene)

He occasionally uses "rough" language for effect.

Now, why am I down on Islam today? No particular reason other than Condell's remarks parallel what I've been thinking concerning the so-called "gay" controversy going on in our society. Especially the US Episcopal and world-wide Anglican churches and the rest of the liberal/progressive/socialist juggernaut.

With equal authority and accuracy, we can say "There is no dialogue with radical liberalism. It doesn't want to be agreed with. It wants to be obeyed." It's the "Do as I say, not as I do" mindset that we all rejected as children come back to haunt us in our "mature" years.

Any time we see the limousine liberals preaching to their choir and expecting us roll over, proposing/forcing their brand of utopia on the masses while they continue to live in their accustomed luxury, we know that we're being treated as mushrooms. You know, we're fed BS and kept in the dark.

Let's wake up folks, it's not about gun-control, "gay" rights, MDGs or whatever else is the cause for today.

It is all about control! Pure and simple, control the masses for the benefit of the self-selected "elite."

God Bless Ya'll !

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