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Monday, July 07, 2008

New Episcopal Bishop - Andy Doyle

According to my interpretation of David Virtue's comments and events here in the TEo diocese of Texas, Andy Doyle, next TEo bishop had better put his flame-retardent underwear on, and cinch it tight! ;>) Perhaps the pew sitters should do the same.

Andy's riding into deep weeds when he takes on the bishop's mitre.

When The Rt. Rev. Andy Doyle takes over as the next BISHOP OF TEXAS, he will be the nation's second-youngest bishop. As Canon to the Ordinary, Doyle navigated a sexual abuse scandal involving now-retired priest James L. Tucker. After a church tribunal in February, which included testimony from several men who said Tucker had molested them while they were students at St. Stephen's (a school in West Austin - Gene) in the 1960s, the diocese stripped Tucker of his priestly orders. Doyle has continued to work with victims on compensation. His views, however, will not cause any excitement to orthodox Episcopalians in his diocese. He got accolades from the liberal Greg Rickel, former rector of St. James' Episcopal Church in East Austin and now bishop of Olympia, Washington. That speaks volumes. When questioned about the divisions in the church and TEC's abandonment of Scripture authority, Doyle didn't offer any opinions on those issues, saying "there hasn't ever been a time in the history of the church where everyone has agreed on everything."

When asked what he will do about priests who reject the belief in the bodily resurrection of Jesus, Doyle said he would do nothing as some priests have always argued that. "I guess I'm just not that worried," he said. The Apostle Paul would thoroughly disagree with Doyle, declaring that such persons' faith was "in vain" and that they shouldn't be in pulpits expounding rubbish. Doyle had this choice line, "I don't want history to judge me by whether I checked the right boxes on controversial questions." The Last Judgment will decide otherwise.

What will he "do about priests who reject the belief in the bodily resurrection of Jesus"? "Nothing" What a guy! Didn't he, or will he not, somewhere, swear to defend the faith?

With a "defenders" such as Wimberly, Spong, Pike, Jefferts-Schori and now Doyle, too many other "bishops" to list, the TEo signed its death warrant. Maybe the pew sitters still left in the organization will wake up before the fumes of brimstone overcome them. I certainly hope so.

God Bless Ya'll !

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