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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

An Open Letter to Those Who Wonder Why Citizens Would Want to Carry Guns in Public

H/T: Keep and Bear Arms

Jack Burton seems to have the right idea about the responsibilities of citizens. Subjects, on the other hand, are be left to their own efforts.

"It is no longer intellectually honest for you as an informed citizen to continue to falsely believe what "tragedies" might happen - instead, it is the duty of all responsible people to understand what actually has happened. I challenge you to do so. "


"Nationwide, there have been no law enforcement officials shot by any person with a CCW, no school or church shootings by any person with a CCW, no "blood on the streets", no "Dodge City shootouts", no instances of the guns being taken away and used by the badguys, no rise in accident levels, no prisons full of untrained CCW holders who shot otherwise innocent people willy-nilly, and no examples of children shot dead by CCW holders."


"We go about our business quietly and calmly, while occasionally defending ourselves against social predators."


"You see, the comfort is never in knowing that one can take a life with a gun, but the sure knowing that one can save a life with a gun."


"I know in your heart you believe terrible things might happen if citizens carry guns, but I have one question: Why have none of the doom, gloom, and scary stories you believe might happen not come true in any state that has passed a CCW law? Not one."

A good read. I recommend you read the whole article and seriously consider his points.

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