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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Pro-Homosexual Denominations Lose Members

H/T: Transfigurations

I think the title says it all. Read the whole article. J. Grant Swank doesn't just pick on the poor li'l, and shrinking, TEo, he takes a swipe at other liberal denominations while he's at it.

The Episcopal Church has been at the forefront of baptizing active homosexual lifestyle as God-blessed.

Since 1960, that denomination has decreased in membership by 48%.


By contrast, denominations preaching the Bible as divine revelation, openly stating their love for homosexuals but their disdain for homosexual activity, have grown in membership and church attendance.

For instance, the Southern Baptist Convention has increased in membership by 76% according to the National Council of Churches statistics for 2007. - (Emphasis added - Gene)

God Bless Ya'll !


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