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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

What Barack Obama learned from the Communist Party

IF Andre Walden's "facts" are indeed just that - FACTS and he has them strung together in an accurate manner, then we are preparing to vote for a Communist with a capital "C".

That does not thrill my heart.

Click on the title above and read it Walden's article for yourself and draw your own conclusions. Hyperlinks were included in the original article.

American voters must make up their minds about what Barack Obama really believes in, if anything.


. . . Obama teaches lessons about being black learned from a Communist. Handed a golden opportunity to define himself as an individual, he instead defines himself as part of a group.


As described in Dreams from my Father, for Obama, his parents and grandparents' political views define family ties and human characteristics. But wisdom is gathered from the type of political activists Obama looks up to.


Obama won the State Senate seat in 1996 after being hand-picked by the outgoing incumbent, Alice Palmer. Palmer was an executive board member of the US Peace Council, US affiliate of the World Peace Council, a communist front group founded by Stalin in 1948 and funded by the USSR.


She (Obama's mother) spent most of her latter years establishing micro credit banking in Indonesia and other countries so the poorest third world women could become independent small businesspersons, not socialist slaves.


Certainly, socialists and leftists have flocked to embrace Obama's candidacy. His campaign even hosts a page for Marxists/socialists/communists for Obama, albeit with a disclaimer at the bottom. And the Communist Party USA backs Obama's candidacy.

What remains from Marxism in America is a desire to appropriate the wealth of some and distribute it to those who did not earn it in the name of "fairness," and the arrogant belief that politically correct ideology denotes superiority and the right to wield political power.

In other words, is BHO a kind of "Manchurian Candidate"? He is certainly no friend of America.

God Bless Ya'll !

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