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Friday, July 18, 2008

Words Mean Only What I Say They Mean

That's my title for Hal Lindey's commentary in World Net Daily today. Yes, his title was "The most 'tolerant' city in America?".

But he doesn't stop with exposing San Fransisco's vaunted "tolerance." He goes on to expose the "tolerance" of BHO and his fellow lefties, socialists and out-and-out communist friends. They're so tolerant - until you oppose them.

I used to think I had at least a reasonable command of the English language. It is, after all, my native (and, in the practical, conversational sense, only tongue), which puts me firmly among the unilingual ignoramuses Barack Obama wants to stamp out (once he's dealt with the God-loving, gun-toting xenophobes out in backwoods Middle America.)

While he's at it, Hal reminds us that San Fran is "tolreant" of everybody if they're not

If you were a heterosexual pro-family, pro-life Catholic citizen of San Francisco and heard your most bedrock beliefs condemned as: "insulting to all San Franciscans," "hateful," "defamatory," "insensitive" and "ignorant," how protected would you feel your civil rights were in the most "tolerant and progressive" city in America?

This round of sanity was brought to you by your little ol' lovable God-loving, gun-toting non-xenophobe out in backwoods urban Middle Main Stream America.

God Bless Ya'll !

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