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Friday, August 29, 2008


H/T: Home On The Range

Brigid has much to say about BHO and his "sharing the pie" socialism. Just whose pie is he going to share?

The American political system was not based on "sharing the pie". It was based on a moral principal that defined what made America great; on the principal of man's inalienable right to his own life - meaning, the principal that man has the right to exist for his own sake. Not sacrificing himself or his or her family to others nor sacrificing others to himself. Social interactions are not done by handouts but by trading, men dealing with others as traders, by voluntary choices to mutual benefit.


What this "change" appears to me to be is a social system based on the "nanny state", an altruist society, with it's code of self sacrifice, rather than the building of individual wealth, the antithesis of capitalism. It is socialism, which, in all it's mutated forms, fascism, Nazism, Communism, treats us as a sacrificial animal to be plundered for the benefit of the group, the tribe, the state.

Read it all for yourself.

God Bless Ya'll !

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