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Monday, September 08, 2008

Mouse Guns, Anyone?


Steve Denney's Mouse Guns, Anyone? poses several ideas that demand consideration from the lawful concealed carry citizen.

Friends don't let friends carry mouse guns!

At the same site, Frank Borelli, Editor-in-Chief, editorializes with Acceptable Calibers. I recommend both sets of comments to you.

As for my two cents worth, (You just knew that was coming! Didn't you?) I go with the basic idea of carrying/concealing whatever you shoot best with in the largest caliber (reasonably) that you can handle reliably. In my case, it is a S&W K-frame with a 4" barrel. It's a bit large for easy concealment, but do-able. My normal out-on-the-street carry weapon is a .380 ACP hi-cap with a spare mag. For "slumming" around at home, and minimal attire, I carry a single stack .32 ACP. So much for "Friends don't let friends carry mouse guns!"

God Bless Ya'll !

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