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Friday, October 17, 2008

Barack Obama is a Communist?

H/T: Orthodox to the Core

Erik is a good friend of ours and we respect his views - theologically and politically. Otherwise, he couldn't put up with ME! ;>) He also has the ability to present hard comments in a much nicer way than I can. I tend to use profanity when attempting profundity. hehe Especially when the subject is politics and leftists.

Barack Obama is a Communist
Why such a "in-your-face" title? Well, first of all, it's true. Think about it, my friends. The talk about "Redistribution of wealth" reminds me of a famous (or infamous; depending on your point of view) book that was written quite a while back. I'm leaving a link, and I'll let your brain do the assumptions: . . .

Let's face it, BHO has associated with leftists all of his political life, if not all of his natural life! He is associating with leftists now - Wright and Pflegler and his campaign staff and . . . . Does anybody else remember the flap earlier when TV news revealed his campaign staff in Houston worked under a Che Guevara banner!

Why should he change his stripes once he is elected? His stated goals and intentions indicate he has no plans on doing anything but continuing the socialist/communist push he has fostered all along.

He appears to be black and moderate but his actions are socialist! He doesn't care about black, or whites. He cares about POWER. Not "power to the people" but the accumulation of power to himself.

BHO is for murdering babies (the "unborn") and for murdering the living - via "gun control". "Gun Control" is simply the means of denying the lawful, legal, citizens the means of protecting themselves from the unlawful, illegal, population that refuses to be "controlled."

Now, who does that leave alive for Obama to control? Only the timid sheep that must depend on him for their handouts and their security!

If you intend to vote for BHO, go ahead and start practicing!

Baaah! Baa-aah!

God Bless Ya'll !

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