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Friday, October 03, 2008

Church leader pushes for gay acceptance

H/T: WorldNetDaily

TEo should be ashamed of this guy. I do not care whether he is "gay" or not "gay" or whatever. He is not functioning as a priest of the God he swore to serve.

"We are all being distracted from all these other issues, like the environment, by the question of whether people can love each other," he said. "It's daft."

At least he told the truth - partially. This is the truthful part of the quote above: "We are all being distracted from all these other issues, like . . . "

Before you start calling me a bigot and racist and homo-phobe, get something straight. My beef with this guy is not his stance on "gayness" but his stance on what is important. HE claims to be a servant of the Most High God. Why isn't he presenting the Good News that changes people's lives? Instead, he presents to the world the "news" that affirms what God has called sin.

Now you may understand why about 85-90% of our congregation left the TEo earlier this year. The TEo (nationally, publicly, privately, . . . ) is no longer Christian in its mission or activities.

There are still a few God-fearing priests and parishioners amongst the pagans but their numbers dwindle every month. No longer is it just individuals leaving the TEo, but large chunks of parishes and now even whole dioceses have left and realigned with traditional Anglican provinces outside of the U.S. and Canada.

God Bless Ya'll !

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