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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Technology as Panacea

H/T: Keep And Bear Arms

For all you "smart gun" fans out there:

The concept is that through technology – most often unspecified and perhaps even non-existent technology, when the person advocating it has some measure of government power – we can take a deadly weapon like a handgun and render it somehow "safer."


The truth is that the "smart gun" concept is remarkably stupid. It fails both in its technological aspects and in its practical aspects.


The introduction of unproven technology (particularly electronic technology) to a firearm introduces a level of risk that is simply unacceptable. Worse than that, it is unconscionable.


Self-defense is predicated on the idea that it is sometimes necessary to use violent physical force in order to preserve your life and the lives of your family.

Now for a side-note. The use of modern electronics, in the event of an nuclear "exchange", renders all such "smart" weapons totally and permanently STUPID. Inoperative, dead, kaput! Capiche?

A small, informal, history lesson is called for, I believe.

In the late '40 and '50s, when we and the Russians were starting to test nuclear "devices". We noticed the detonation of the device caused an extremely intense electro-magnetic pulse (EMP). That pulse scrambled all radio and electronic equipment during the time of its existence. Our technology was using vacuum tubes requiring relatively high voltage power sources. Each electronic device a high level of electrical insulation built into it due to the nature of the beast.

Move forward in time. Today. Our commercial, and consumer, electronics are no longer using vacuum tubes, except in older style monitors and TVs. In fact, they use very few discrete components such as transistors and resistors, etc. Almost everything electronic, today, uses very densely packed chips to provide the speed and space saving functionality we demand.

What does "very densely packed chips" mean to us in this context? My iPAQ, your pocket PC, your iPhone are all susceptible to a modern EMP attack. EMP can be created by very large electrical surges of just the right kind. Nuclear devices can be "tuned" to enhance their EMP output and lessen there radiation output - somewhat. An EMP attack is possible and we are basically unprepared for such.

Details, details, details: It means the power sources used for these gadgets work on very low voltages and currents, compared to the vacuum tube days. It means that electrical energy pulses can, and do, zap our gadgets into scrap. Now, from working on the manufacturing floor of a couple of electronic instrument manufacturers, and from my experience performing factory-acceptance testing for other employers, I have seen the devices we bought survive 50,000 volt surges with out fail. That was pretty much standard in the commercial equipment market. I have no idea if there is an equivalent in the consumer equipment market. If there is, I suspect it may be a lower threshold. I do not know what the military's standards are. I strongly suspect they are much higher. In addition, the military, and a few civilian agencies, can demand, and get, EMP hardened devices - for an extra charge, of course.

Back to the subject - "smart guns." Do you want to rely on your "smart gun" after an EMP attack, whether nuclear or conventional? Do you want to risk needing your "smart" gun to defend the lives of your loved ones? I definitely do not.

Consider how long it has taken for Microsoft to "perfect" Windows? Can we wait that long? Much of modern manufacturing uses initial sales to the public for their beta testing. Sometimes, I suspect, they use us for alpha testing. Yes, we are considered guinea pigs.

Do not allow the anti-freedom elite to deny you your rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. If you can not defend yourself, you can not live. If you can not live, who needs liberty of happiness?

God Bless Ya'll !

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