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Thursday, October 02, 2008

What are Little Girls Made of?

H/T: David Codrea's The War on Guns

I couldn't agree with Mr. Garrison more. We did almost exactly the same things with both of our two "rugrats." Not only did they survive, we survived and the neighbors never knew what we did. You see, we taught our kids to respect both the instrument and themselves.

My little girl is growing up. That very special change is coming in her life. She is about to blossom into a new stage of maturity. As a father, I have to face facts.

She's 5 now; it's time to buy her first gun.

SWMBO! and I chose ages 8-10 for our two children according to their personalities, demonstrations of responsibility and interests. OTOH, we did not have to make the decision of pink or blue for the stock. No options.

You see, the chosen instrument was handed down to me from one of my maternal uncles when *I* was about twelve years old. See "The .22 at 150"Guns & Kids" Part I & Part II.

God Bless Ya'll !

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