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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Congress' plan would let AG 'ban guns at will'

H/T: WorldNetDaily

BHO has designated one Eric Holder to be his Attorney-General for US, his supposed sheeple. Well, Holder is no shepherd. Holder must be opposed by the 60-80 million LEGAL gun owners in the country. To do otherwise is to doom us to going further down the road to the Brady Paradise of England or Canada or Australia where the criminals have more weapons than their intended victims. Oh, BTW, the Brit, Canuck and Aussie police have no more responsibility to protect your hind-end than do our cops.

Our cops are, for the most part, superb at their jobs:

  • Patrol
  • Reporting
  • Investigation
  • Apprehension
    "A former Ohio secretary of state, (Ken) Blackwell notes that, 'despite Obama's new lip service to the Second Amendment, Holder signed onto a brief earlier this year (2008) reaffirming his long-held position that the Second Amendment confers no rights whatsoever to private citizens, and that the Supreme Court should have upheld D.C.'s absolute ban on handguns, even in homes."

Evidently, Mr. Holder, and his would-be boss, BHO, can not read plain English. Neither can they learn from their betters, the writers of our Constitution and original interpreters of such.

These are the people "we" chose to lead us for the next four years. God have mercy on us all.

God Bless Ya'll !

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