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Friday, January 30, 2009

An Evening Visit

H/T: What McAuliffe Said

It may be that I'm getting sentimental in my "old" age. Sloppy. Maybe the mind is going. The bod' is long gone. Some say it never was! :>) What you see is not what hinders me.

When I read Mike's "An Evening Visit" I felt cold. Inside.

I've never been a physically active individual. Oh, I've hunted, traveled, hiked a bit, worked on cars a bit and so on. Back when I was a kid. You know, before I was 40. Nowadays a sword, a physical, hand-to-hand weapon, is very unattractive for me to use. There are better tools to be had. So far.

Perhaps the time for the physical sword of the "Visit" is not yet upon us. Maybe we are still in the time of the sword of words and non-violent resistance and politics and opinion. Maybe.

I believe we are still in that time. I hope we are. I hope we can stay there for a long time. Not for my sake. For the sake of my children and their children.

Will you take up the sword as well?

Having said all that, maybe we are near the time of the real thing. With the Democrats seemingly in complete control of this nation, I can not call it a republic much longer, we are threatened with the complete loss of our freedom.

In such times, it is hard for me to remember that we are sustained not by might, not by power, but by the Word of the Lord.

Who will stand with Him? For our children's sake.

God Bless Ya'll !

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