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Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Money Quote

H/T: WorldNetDaily

BHO wants to give is "change." As near as I can tell, he wants to "give it to us" whether we want it, need it, can use it, or will receive it or not. Nice guy.

I believe Ayn Rand wrote it best:

"The brutes, private or public, who believe that they can rule their betters by force, will learn the lesson of what happens when brute force encounters mind and force.”
Atlas Shrugged

Robert Serio, quoted below, might be part of the solution " . . . when brute force encounters mind and force."

Robert Serio, chairman of the local Democratic Party for 30 years, says Obama was viewed as too liberal in Monroe County. "We don't look at national Democrats as being family-oriented," says Serio, a lawyer. "The multicultural thing would be something we are opposed to. The homosexual question would have an impact." (Link included in the original text - Gene)

Mr. Serio may, or may not, have the intestinal fortitude to be effective when it comes time to resist BHO's "change." Heck, I may, or may not, have the necessary fortitude to be effective. I certainly hope and pray the resistance can be peaceful. I am not encouraged.

Someone must be effective or we go the way of Zimbabwe.

God Bless Ya'll !

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