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'Gun-Free Zones' are only gun-free, until somebody brings a gun. - Unknown

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Gun Lobby Working Overtime to Normalize Abnormal Behavior

H/T: Keep And Bear Arms

The "Gun Guys" make we wonder just what kinda "gun" they're promoting!

Our nation is being held hostage by the gun lobby's extremist agenda.

This quote is more than slightly misleading since it suggests the gun lobby is all powerful and pervasive. We should be so fortunate! Probably not! ;>)

Just who is it holding our nation "hostage"? I suggest to you that the interests behind the anti-defense, anti-responsibility, socialist push is the hostage taker. These interests want control of this country and they know that the "3%" (for "3%" information, click on the "III" symbol below) will not allow it to be surrendered without a terrible fight in the halls of legislatures, the courts and wherever else the battle needs to be fought.

With that "cheerful" thought, I'll crawl back into my hole for a bit.

God Bless Ya'll !

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