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Thursday, February 26, 2009

How He Did It: A Diagrammatic Analysis of the Obama Campaign

H/T: American Thinker

Paul Shlichta, at the American Thinker, has an intriguing piece.

If things are really the way he thinks they are, we, the people, have been out and out snookered. For those wondering about my precision in the use of Americanized English, snookered means we have been screwed. Royally.

To determine what made Obama's campaign a success, we must look deeper to identify the basic psychological qualities that underlie these strategies. I perceive them to be:

  • a finely developed skill in strategy, worthy of a great general [4],
  • a tremendous audacity, enabling him to succeed in risky or controversial tactics that his opponents would not dare to attempt [5],
  • a stage magician's skill in misdirection, compelling the public to perceive only what he wishes them to see and ignore what he wishes them to overlook,
  • a penchant for evasion and concealment---the very opposite of his much-vaunted desire for "transparency"---often achieved by saying one thing (such deploring "negativity") while inciting others (such as 527 groups or his "dogs of war") to do the opposite,
  • utter ruthlessness: a willingness to resort to, or at least tolerate, deception and fraud to achieve desired objectives.


If, as I contend, these are the root qualities that created the Obama campaign, then we should expect more of the same from the new Obama administration. For starters, the stimulus Trojan horse is a convincing example.

Ouch! Paul, tell us how you really feel!

God Bless Ya'll !

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