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Friday, February 27, 2009

We don't do what we're told!

H/T: Keep And Bear Arms

Are you awake now? If not, go back and read the previous post: Semi-Automatic Rifle Ban Would Reduce Jobs, Not Crime. Take another shot of caffeine and consider what Our Dear Leader is trying to pull over our eyes. It ain't Wool!

Daniel White, Cleveland Gun Rights Examiner, says it well:

We're told that we'll likely never be the victim of a criminal attack. That we're to rely on the odds to protect us. If we lose the victimization lottery, we're allowed only to try to chase off our attacker with rape whistles, pepper spray, car keys, or cell phones. Some have given advice to women that in case of attempted rape they should urinate, vomit, tell the rapist they have an STD, or try to get them to wear a condom. Anything but use deadly force, because you don't have the right to take a life for any reason, and if you had a real weapon the attacker would probably just take it from you anyway.

That's why those people don't like those of us who carry guns for self defense. We're not doing what we're told. We don't trust in providence, and we don't pray that a police officer will happen to be nearby and arrive in time to stop the crime and save our lives. We can take care of ourselves, and that's the real threat. It's not that they really think we're the source of crime or that we're all just one bad da(y) away from climbing a bell tower, it's that we are a threat to their power.

Because if we're not constantly scared, we might just realize that we don't really need a nanny state to tell us what to do and keep us "safe".As long as you have the ability to make your NO mean just that, you are a threat to your assailant.

Whether your assailant is our Dear Leader's gummint or a mugger, does anything change the rules of the game? NO!

We're sheepdogs, not sheep... and that disrupts their plans.

If you value freedom, you have to keep disrupting those plans. When they tell you they need to ban "assault weapons," challenge them to show you why it is necessary when those guns are used in less than 1% of all crimes. When they tell you they need to enact microstamping, when forensic investigations already accomplish the exact same thing, demand to know why. When they want to ban private sales of firearms, ask how that will keep a gun out of the hands of criminals.


It's only the ones that hate your personal freedoms that will show their ire, and that's ok. Because the more they dislike you, the more free you'll be.

Emphasis Added - Gene

God Bless Ya'll !

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