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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Atrocities and Heroism

Most of us are all too aware of the atrocities over in Alabama and near Stuttgart, Germany.

Compared to the US, Germany has pretty strict gun laws. Permits are granted to only those over 18. The German shooter was 17. Gun control worked again.

The guy in Alabama apparently was "OK". Something wasn't right, obviously.

However, as the Chron reports, there was at least one victim that that refused to be a victim.

Bruce Maloy, the town comedian/joker, took action when the shooter, Michael McLendon, came to his notice.

Mr. Maloy used what he had available, an improvised weapon. He used vehicle to attempt to interrupt McLendon's criminal spree. For that Mr. Maloy has earned the town's gratitude and a funeral.

Some times a man has just got to do what a man has to do.

Pray for Maloy's family and friends and the survivors of the other deceased.

Pray for McLendon's family and friends. They too have to grieve today.

God Bless Ya'll !

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