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Friday, March 06, 2009

Greyhound bus killer found not criminally responsible

H/T: WorldNetDaily

Do you remember the MSM's horror when they reported this back in July '08? Now, go back and read this post and the original article it came from.

The bus company AND the Canadian government, as well as ours, demand that passengers be disarmed before boarding a bus or train or plane. When and where will they be held responsible as accomplices to murder? It looks like Li is set to live out his life at the taxpayers' expense, if he is deemed a "threat" to society.

For five hours after the killing, Li wandered around on the bus, defiling the body (of Tim McLean - Gene) while an RCMP tactical team waited to subdue him.


From CBC:
July 30, 9 p.m. (approx.) Attack takes place about 10 kilometres east of Portage La Prairie, Man.


According to some of those on board, the bus driver ushered all the other passengers out of the bus while the attack was taking place and disabled the bus so it could not be driven away.

July 31, 1:38 a.m. Li allegedly broke a window on the bus, threw out a knife and scissors and then jumped out. He was immediately arrested by the RCMP.

Just think, if somebody had possessed the guts to go to McLean's aid, he might still be alive. As it is, everyone apparently looked out for their own hide. Besides, they were without any equipment for serious social interaction. Yes, I know, I wasn't there. And Yes, I do not know how I would have behaved. I do know how I hope (and fully intend to) behave if ever faced with such a situation.

A couple of other things stand out in my mind. Why did RCMP wait almost five hours to apprehend Li? The information I've seen leaves out:

  • How long did it take to contact RCMP? Was there cell-phone coverage available about 6-7 miles out of Portage La Prairie, Manitoba? If there was, did anyone bother to use it?
  • How long did RCMP take to respond after the initial call?
  • Was McLean already dead when RCMP arrived? This may explain why they chose to wait on Li to surrender.
  • Why did RCMP allow Li the luxury of dismembering McLean and allegedly eating portions of the body? Were they aware of Li's actions inside the bus?

Where is the outrage that this murderer will have the opportunity to get off free-as-a-bird?

Our own laws are now twisted the same way Canada's are. God help us all.

God Bless Ya'll !

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