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Friday, March 13, 2009

Gun Control Groups Use Mexico to Call for New Laws

H/T: NewsMax

Mexico has a problem with drugs and violence. So do we. Now, someone(s) want the U.S. to solve Mexico's problem. However, we haven't seen much in the way of assistance from them.

Mexico continues to encourage its citizens to free-load off the gringos north of their border. Mexico continues to serve as a conduit for harmful, and illegal, drugs into this country. A large proportion of their politicians, military and police seem to be on the "take".

And supposedly their problems are exacerbated by our guns? Yep, I'm quite confident guns acquired in this country make their way into Mexico. On the other hand, the reverse has been true for a long time.

BTW, did you know that is very difficult for the ordinary Mexican citizen to obtain a handgun? Did you know they are heavily restricted as to what types of weapons they are allowed? No wonder they steal/buy from us? They're oppressed by their own government!

Hmmmm. Let's see. If we can't control ingress at our borders, how are we going to control EGRESS?

Oh I know, we'll just ban, and then confiscate, all those eevi-iillll nasty ol' black guns that we have up here and save Mexico from itself! Nowt, I know that another part of this short article says Mr. Diaz advocates using existing laws to restrict the trade. For that, I heartily agree with him.


Expert Tom Diaz says that imports of certain semiautomatic rifles were regulated under the first Bush and Clinton administrations. But he told a House panel Wednesday the import rules were relaxed under the most recent Bush administration.

The quote above may not properly represent what Mr. Diaz actually said. Having made that clear, please note:

  • The use of the term "semi-automatic" rifles. Semi-autos are NOT what is desired by the cartels. They want, and have, fully- automatic weapons. In the US, full-auto weapons are heavily taxed for civilian possession. They are available to military and police users.
  • The phrase "were regulated under the first Bush and Clinton" is not quite accurate as it stands. Clinton, the male, pushed for and got the so-called Assault Weapons Ban of '94. In that, the Congress in collusion with the executive branch severely restricted semi-automatic weapons that possessed cosmetic similarities to certain full-auto weapons. This was a case of: "If it looks like a full-auto, it must be as dangerous and eevi-iillll." Not. Magazine capacity was restricted to 10 rounds or less. All that did was drive up the prices of pre-AWB magazines! Idiocy such as this made life slightly more miserable for the law-abiding. I don't think the criminal element ever noticed the change.
  • Now the phrase "the import rules were relaxed under the most recent Bush administration" suggests that GW Bush relaxed those rules. Tain't so! Congress did not renew the '94 AWB bill which automatically expired in '04. Bush didn't have a bill to sign into law. So, it's Bush's fault? Right?!
  • I suppose Mr. Diaz was under oath to tell the truth, and nothing but the truth when these statements were made. For his sake, I hope the Associated Press didn't fudge something up to suit their agenda. OTOH, I don't trust most of the House of Representative, or the Senate for that matter, to care much about the truth and oaths to tell it.

So, I ask you: Is it US military and police weapons that are getting to Mexican drug suppliers? Or, is it Mexican military and police weapons getting to Mexican drug suppliers?

Enquiring minds really would like to know.

God Bless Ya'll !

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