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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Hedging Your Investment Portfolio by Buying Firearms

H/T: Keep And Bear Arms

Mark Crovelli has some interesting thoughts concerning the next "hot" investment vehicle you may want to consider.

Though I haven't looking at from an "investment" point of view, even *I* have been recommending acquisition of all of the legal firearms and ammunition you can afford. ;>)

If things don't turn south as far as Crovelli thinks, you'll still have an "investment" for your grand kids. Or barter or out-right sale.

Investors who choose to hedge their mainstream investment portfolio with a healthy dose of guns and ammunition are unlikely to be disappointed with future returns. This is especially true since an investment in firearms can also be employed to defend one’s life, liberty and property against thieves and politicians (if there’s a difference). You definitely can’t say that about owning stock in Bank of America.

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God Bless Ya'll !

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