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Monday, March 16, 2009

Homeland Security plans for violence on U.S. border

H/T: WorldNetDaily

First, there was this article, Gun Control Groups Use Mexico to Call for New Laws and then there is this:

Tighter gun control and stronger law enforcement in Southwestern states were recommended Thursday by lawmakers concerned about drug violence in Mexico possibly spilling across the border. (Emphasis added - Gene)

Note to self: BS! As our esteemed vice curser-in-chief recently spouted: "Don't (expletive deleted) on me and tell me it's rainig!"

The Mexican violence has already "spilled" over the border.

I've recently read reports of Atlanta (Isn't Atlanta, Texas . . . Oh my, my! You mean Atlanta, Georgia?! ;>) ) being concerned about Mexican-based gangs shooting up their "quiet" town. You can't tell me Georgia is anywhere near the US/Mexican border.

Also, I read this morning that a major newspaper is now reporting that much of Mexico's gun problem is not coming from their northern border. Hmmmmmm?! More unadulterated BS!

God Bless Ya'll !

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